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What the blankety-blank????

For many the daily living of limitations, stress, economic despair, political warfare against the backdrop of an uncertain global pandemic can certainly take its toll on your mental, emotional and physical body. How many find yourself at some point or another asking yourself: Who am I becoming? What am I doing? Where am I going? What the blankety-blank do I do now? Have you noticed how easy it is to slide into the space of despair or anxiety or stress or pools of uncertainty? Or maybe another way of asking would be, Have you noticed how challenging it is to stay in the space of peace or love or non-judgment? It’s so easy to slip back into the space of taking all of this unrest, all this unea

Living within Divide

Living in a time where if feels like the culture has become both accusatory and confessional can be quite triggering. Suddenly information comes out of something someone has done wrong and the masses immediately condemn, and the accused confesses from a reactionary standpoint because of the bestowed upon pressure. Neither side seeming to hear/listen, but rather defending their position and claiming why it's "right" or "wrong". Whether this be from a global stance - pandemic (mask/no mask; total lock-down/herd immunity; vaccine/no vaccine, etc.) or an economic view or a political view a social view a spiritual/religious view a personal view The scenes seems to play out the same. And the more

Life feel like a 💩 ride?

When life feels like a 💩 roller coaster ride, and you just want it to stop 🛑 and it doesn't, what do you do? I read something someone wrote today about riding what appeared to be an emotional roller coaster, and it caused me to pause and reflect. The question was "do any of you struggle with the rollercoaster of low self esteem and huge heart and enthusiasm?" It went on to say that "it's like running on a treadmill and not getting anywhere". How many can relate, maybe only in part, as we are going through these current times of seeming prolonged uncertainty? As I pondered this person's question, I reflected back on my own life and in so doing recalled countless emotional roller coaster rid

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