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What If Your Not Falling Apart

Over the last several years (a good solid, on and off again, 7) it has felt as if we've been falling apart. what if you've actually been falling together? Have you noticed more and more of late your previous coping skills seem ineffective or at best provide a sense of "meh--that was ok", but never quite seemed like the "it thing" for really getting the job done? I mean seriously I could recall barely using a sage smudge for clearing my house, and now I could burn a few bushels of sage and it would feel like "that was nice, but.......". No, switching to palo santo or lavender or sweet grass is not the answer. They are lovely, and serve a purpose of smelling wonderfully delicious, and yet thei

Hogwash? Is it?

Let's talk about Law of Attraction for a minute, and the hoopla of manifesting everything your heart desires. You may be surprised to discover you're manifesting skills are actually working properly, even if you're not seeing the results you'd hoped for. Many of you may recall the movie The Secret, which came out in 2006, became a big hit in the mainstream. This was an exciting advancement for many in the New Age realm, the Woo Woo realm, the Positive Psychology realm, and many other realms considered "different" because it was bringing an alternative thought movement to the masses. It was providing an opportunity for everyone to experience and learn something new. The premise of this film

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