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Finding Your Happiness

Ending this week's topic of "Stuckness" on this note because it may be the key that you use to move through the proverbial stuck doorway. Let’s talk about happiness… The universe does actually want you to be happy. To add to that, you are meant to be successful in life. What?😮 Stay with me now----some get stuck on the word success, and equate that to a standard of living, a standard of income, a standard of some kind, and hence get stuck. If this word trips you up, substitute it for one that doesn't in order to keep moving forward with me here. 👍 Imagine this belief for a moment: You have a gift of 100% success and happiness. You have already opened it, and you are already experiencing it.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Ever wake up one morning, look in the mirror, and wonder who in the world that is starring back at you? What is your first reaction upon stumbling upon this stranger looking back at you? Excitement? Horror? Sadness? Disdain? Meh? It’s safe to say that our culture is obsessed with youthfulness & body image. Fit, healthy, energetic, happy are just some of the characteristics of a young person. They are also adjectives that are often used to describe a youthful person, no matter what their age! What is YOUR body image? Body image is defined as the way we see our bodies and the comfort level we have with what we see, our perception. Unfortunately, a significant portion of the US population carr

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