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Diving Deeper

Imagine a level of honesty you may have not had the pleasure of tapping into yet. We teach our children the importance of being honest. We hold a certain belief or value around honesty. We expect our partners to be honest with us. There's even moments throughout out our "growth" spurts where we decide it's time to "get real" with ourselves about one thing or another. Here's some examples: I know I'm a "jerk" magnet. I know I don't eat well or exercise regularly, and it's why I'm unhealthy. I know when I get really stressed, I drink, eat, smoke too much. Certainly taking accountability for one's actions requires honesty, and changed behavior helps support that honesty. What if we took t

Motivation is like heroin

I used to find myself constantly searching for something to light that fire in my belly... Memes, quotes & motivational speeches... Because they gave me an instant “hit” or "fix". I’d feel like Super Woman... Pumped up and certain I could accomplish anything! Within a very short period of time Super Woman vanished, and I was back to being the old KellyRae again... Demotivated, uncertain, and low on self confidence. I’d then be on a hunt for the next “fix”...... A "fix" bigger than the previous one because I wanted it to last. This cycle continued for YEARS. Without my conscious awareness, my life had turned into one big dark circle of stagnation and frustration. As I began to

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