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Dancing With Your Demons

When you've learned to tame your inner critic this is what it looks and feels like. Learning to tame your inner critic is a process. Wrestling with this part of one's self, effectively, is a process. Desiring, struggling, shaming, denying, shoving down, and walking away from your inner critic is NOT part of the taming process. From working with so many amazing individuals well over a decade it's safe to say that people want more for themselves. And the fascinating part is it's not more money, a better career, a loving relationship, a slimmer, healthier body, etc. Yes, those are definitely the things they initially come and talk about because it's believed if they had those things worked out

5 Protection Strategies

As an International Speaker I was recently asked to speak at "Change Your Mind To Change Your Life" Global Mindset Summit LIVE 2020, and it was a spectacular event with mindset leaders from all over the world working from the intention of helping the global community as we navigate through times of uncertainty. Here is a copy of the talk. It gives simply to apply strategies that are HIGHLY EFFECTIVE to navigate difficult times with certainty and confidence.

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