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Feeling Stuck Behind The 8 Ball?

We all have those moments, seasons, and even lifetime feelings where we believe we’ll never get ahead or we’ll never be enough or we’ll always just be a step behind, and that, quite frankly, SUCKS. Let’s face it, we’re all humans having this human experience here on planet earth, and not one of us truly knows the key to ‘enlightenment’. Yes, from a psychological viewpoint we can identify triggering symptoms as to why we feel and respond the way we do, but in all honesty we are ALL just working at navigating our life's journey. From my experience of working with and LISTENING to a lot of people over my own short lifetime what I’ve learned most is people want to FEEL HEARD. It’s not necessaril

Help: A Two-Headed Coin

Help is an arm’s reach away and yet it’s one of the things we fear most doing. We fear no one reaching back. We fear appearing weak and incapable of handling things ourselves. We fear rejection. We fear shame. We fear ridicule. We fear hearing, “no”. We fear……….. So rather than feel any of the above we can often suffer in silence. We can slip into despair. We can become cold and aloof. We can even go so far as to not accept help because, believe it or not, we’ve created an intimate bond with our fearing self. It becomes part of our story. The story we retell to others that ‘every time’ I ask for help I never receive it. Or the story we retell to others that ‘nobody’ will help us. Or

Living Your Truth is Beautiful Messy

How many have had a hunger, a desire, a deep-seated passion to do something, and have reached for it with you heart, soul, blood, and guts, and ended up feeling shattered, trampled and broken? I hold a very special place in my heart for people who give their all, lunge towards their dreams, rush into the unknown with abandon, trust their deepest soul’s yearnings, and shatter into a million pieces. This is the courage of a hero. A hero isn’t someone all flashy, flawless in their execution, or even well equipped to do their part, but what sets them apart is their fearless willingness to do something. Below is an example of the type of message or comment I receive from people: “I’ve been doin

To Cry or Not To Cry

Nowadays everything can be construed into something controversial for the pure sake of passionately arguing one side or another, and crying is amongst one of them. People cry for various reasons e.g., anger, arousal, cleansing, happiness, love, sadness, etc. We incarnated into this world with the unconscious thought of crying, but rather just do it naturally. As infants it’s our way of communicating something is going on. We do not begin to express emotional tears until after the age of 3 months. Moreover, crying is not unique to the human race; it’s also witnessed in the animal kingdom as well. If you pick up a very young kitten, it will set to the same sort of noisy unhappiness a human

Taking Advice From Someone Who Doubts Everything.

One of the biggest challenges I see people make is struggling to ask for help. Why? It’s been my experience people feel weak, unworthy, or a burden to others if they ask for help. Moreover, people have reported when they’ve asked for help they’ve not received it. This brings up a number of possible explanations for the abovementioned reasons, but one of them is seeking assistance from Naysayers. Naysayers are those individuals who willingly give you their unsolicited opinion of why you don’t deserve or why you won’t achieve what you desire. More than likely these Naysayers have never asked for help themselves, and struggle with their own deep-seated fear around what you are seeking to do.

25 Things You May Do Unconsciously as an Adult Due to Childhood Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse can manifest differently, and as a result leave scars, pain and sorrow that you don’t necessarily remember. As an adult you have the stability to handle more challenging situations, but as a child you’ve not been taught such abilities. Understanding your NOW reaction or responses to situations based on your childhood emotional abuses, may serve purposeful for recognizing where you could gain some support and tools to assist you with healing these wounds and making choices that would better serve you in a healthy way. Moreover, as a result of these emotional traumas’s we either knowingly or unknowingly struggle with that nagging voice (aka the Inner Critic) in our head runnin

Your DESIRES Holding You Back?

Everywhere you look these days on any social media platform there’s someone sharing success advice. Whether that is “Keys to Success”, “Success Strategies”, or “How to’s”, there is a common theme throughout that is centered on having a DESIRE and achieving it. This ranges from finding your one-true love, losing weight, living stress-free, to making a lot of money, etc. The aforementioned requires a DESIRE on someone’s part to want one or all of the above. Then goals need to be set, intentions put into place, and ultimately action steps taken in order to achieve said DESIRE(s). As a masterful mindset coach who works with clients in taming their Inner Critic (that irritating small voice with

Isn't it time?

The Universe does not ignite our Soul; however, the Universe is our fuel. It's our job to ignite our Soul's desire, our Soul's passion, our Soul's purpose and the Universe supplies the fuel. We may not know exactly HOW to achieve our desires, passion, and purpose, BUT unless or until we ignite some spark in it, nothing happens. We MUST ask, take action, and receive in order for the fuel to be effectively ultilized. Will it be perfect? Probably not. Will it be easy? Probably not. Will it be trouble free? Probably not. Will it be an adventure? Absolutely! Will it be woven with experience? Absolutely! Will we learn more about ourselves? Absolutely! Will life continue whether we do anything or

Change, Love & Transformation

In the mist of going through any form of change, we generally do not see immediate evidence of said transformation. Such a process is so personal and can feel daunting and unending at times. Yet one day upon waking we have this sudden realization that something has shifted, something has changed, an opening of sorts has occurred, and still there's a feeling of disbelief and uncertainity. This phase is the most fragile of them all as it's during this phase where we question everything we are doing, everything we've been doing, and wondering what it all means. We question whether anything will ever get better. We ponder whether there's been real change or if we've just made that up in our min

Suffer from Perfectionsim?

How many struggle with PERFECTIONSIM? In some ways I consider myself a recovering perfectionist. Yesterday I posted a quiz I created on a new platform I had never used before on one of my social media websites and asked for insight aka help. In the past I would have NEVER shared this quiz without knowing unequivocally it was FLAWLESS. And when I say flawless that often equated to never completing it at all. Why? Because I also SUFFERED from 'asking for help'. To utter the words, “Can I ask you for help?” were not words in my repertoire. There was so much shame, guilt, and feelings of not being good enough that somehow “asking” out loud made all those feelings REAL. The stress, both physical

What Are You Waiting For?

One of the quickest ways to kill a dream or a goal is hesitation. Don't get me wrong, having a plan for achieving a said outcome is great, but where I see many of my clients fall short of achieving their goal(s) is in the debilitating stage of indecisivenss. What happens during this indecisive period or what I would call the hesitation of uncertainty phase is it opens the doors to our Inner Critic taking control of the situation. Our Inner Critic is the MASTER of hesitational dodging. The one that has more tricks up their sleeves than a magician has scarves. This rascal can cause you so much discord that before you know it you are standing before your door of opportunity and you no longer re


What I’ve learned about being human and the behavior of humanity is the following: 1. We appreciate the things we invest in more than those things that are given to us for free. 2. We feel great pride in knowing we’ve purchased our first car, our first home, our education, opening our first business, etc. 3. The more effort we put into something the more we want it. 4. Feeling physically tired after a days work (whatever the job) ALWAYS feels better over an emotional worrisome day of doing nothing but ‘thinking’. This last one may seem difficult so I’m going to ask you, "how it feels in your body" when you read it. 5. Asking for what you need (even if it’s challenging to do so) FEELS better

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