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Living Your Truth is Beautiful Messy

How many have had a hunger, a desire, a deep-seated passion to do something, and have reached for it with you heart, soul, blood, and guts, and ended up feeling shattered, trampled and broken?

I hold a very special place in my heart for people who give their all, lunge towards their dreams, rush into the unknown with abandon, trust their deepest soul’s yearnings, and shatter into a million pieces. This is the courage of a hero. A hero isn’t someone all flashy, flawless in their execution, or even well equipped to do their part, but what sets them apart is their fearless willingness to do something.

Below is an example of the type of message or comment I receive from people:

“I’ve been doing so much work around trusting my intuition, my power, and now realizing, taming my Inner Critic, as I’ve heard you call it. I’ve made huge leaps but I recently hit a huge bump in the road. I screwed up in trying to ask for what I wanted, and now things are ridiculously messy. I don’t know how to recover from this feeling of failure. How do I trust myself after what I thought I was doing was right?”

Before proceeding, I want to give all the individuals who found the courage to reach out after feeling what they’ve felt and still reached out anyway.

Any person, who has chosen to adopt the discipline of trusting their own intuition/power, instantly becomes the hero of their own life’s story. Again, being a hero doesn’t mean being perfect; it means a willingness to go for what they want in spite of the challenges, no matter they’ve had in the past.

If you’ve ever been there, feeling like you’ve royally screwed up, and that choosing your truth is to blame, here’s what I want you to know:

As my Dad says, “This is all part of life!”

People who never choose themselves, who never risk living their own desires, who never trust their own self never fully live.

They settle into the mundane business of a life of compromise and mediocrity, living under the radar, never reaching for the gold, and never finding any. But when you poke your head out of the sand, and choose to figure out how to fly, guess what happens? You crash sometimes. And the higher you fly, the harder you fall.

Every one of us gets thrown! We get tossed, whipped off our pathway PERIOD! It’s not because you are not good enough. It’s not because of God punishing you. It’s not because there’s an evil force out there lurking around the corners just to trip you up. IT’S LIFE!

And the big determining moment in anyone’s life is this: what do we do when we get handed our ass? What do we do when we get knocked out? Crushed? Thrown off our game?

Do we quit? Run away? Hide?

Or get back on the horse, so to speak?

These are defining moments for anyone.

When anyone risks living the legend of their desires, they are is living large, instead of small. Why? Because living your Truth is not just about you anymore.

A desire is that which is between you and what is greater than you.

Living your deepest truth is asking to be remade by your own destiny. It is offering yourself up to be recreated into the woman you were born to become.

Your desires carve you into the work of art you were meant to become, just like Michelangelo found ‘David’ inside a hunk of marble.

So, when you feel like you are plummeting to your death, you are. The raw hunk of marble is getting chiseled away, and you are being remade—into a living, breathing work of art co-created by you, and the divine. Does it feel good? Hell no.

But, “this is life.”

And will you get another chance to fly even higher? Count on it.

You get endless second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth chances.

In fact, anyone who is living full out as themselves, chances will come land in your lap, as long as you keep taking those beautiful steps in the direction of your dreams and desires. Beautiful steps do not mean perfection.

I want to hear you outrageously celebrating your biggest blunders.

Every chapter of your story deserves to be commemorated. The world requires the fuel of each of our dreams, to survive, and to reinvent, as we do.

Deep down inside, everyone wants to live the legend they were born to become. This does not equate to everyone being famous, rich, free of trouble, but rather living passionately purposeful…..fulfilling their destiny.

Guess what? If you are taking steps towards those desires, You are doing it! We know not the days or hours we have on this planet, so it’s our mission or purpose here to learn, experience, and implement all that we experience. It’s quite possible this beautifully messy experience will go through hills and valleys, and it’s our mission to get through them both, not to remain stuck, downtrodden or defeated--no guts, no glory.

I want to hear you outrageously celebrating your biggest blunders. Why? Because this is where people generally get hung up. 1) they slip into a state of feeling like a failure and then give up. Or 2) they are embarrassed and shy away and even deny the experience as it’s too painful and ultimately remain stuck.

Celebrating and acknowledging our blunders, our F*up’s, or our ‘mistakes’ takes the credit and weight away from our Inner Critic having so much power and control over our daily living. Taming our Inner Critic is key to passionate living in all its messy glory.

Here we go:

• What was a time you took a step toward your dreams that resulted in superb failure? • What tools did you reach for, to bounce back with even more vivacity?

Let’s show each other how we locate the victory inside every pitfall, and know I celebrate YOU beautiful heroes.

Sending you so much love.

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