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Seminar Junkie? Self-Help Binger?

Do you know anyone who’s a seminar junkie? An information over-loader? A self-help binger? AND still operates from their self-defeating, self-doubting, self-loathing, ways? These are the individuals who are always on the quest for finding the rare unicorn, the cup of life, the end all to be all ‘thing’, who after fueling themselves up on seminar charge, information over-load, and self-help injections, return to their lives doing just as they had done before going on their quest. These are the same individuals who remain skeptic and unchanged in their behaviors. These are the individuals who invest a lot of time and money into attending seminars, workshops, online courses who after completi

Freedom Found In The Shadow

I recall the first time I sat my parents down and told them of my childhood sexual abuse. I felt sick for days before the actual meeting. I was riddled with fear they'd not believe me. I was horrified they'd reject me. I was ashamed that another human being would know what I had endured. Facing that fear was one of the most challenging yet liberating things I ever did for myself. It opened the door towards my wellness. It opened the door to allowing me to trust myself enough to get the help I needed to feel better. The news was not necessarily received like one would think it would be in the movies. It was received by two people who had their own baggage, their own experiences, their own fea

Radical Honesty is Liberating as F*ck!

I can honestly say one of the biggest struggles I had to overcome when starting my coaching practice was realizing I was treating it like a hobby. Coming to the realization STUNG so badly, and I went through a plethora of emotions in the process. Likened to the five stages of grief, I went through the following and not in any particular order: Denial – No, I’m not. What I do is help people, and provide support......leaving off the for free part. Anger – I was so pissed when I heard one of my mentor’s make the statement "You don't have a business if you are doing it for free; it's a HOBBY" to a group of entrepreneurs. You know that indignant kind of pissed……”HOW DARE YOU!!!!”, which really

Are You Holding You Back?

Desiring more out of your life whether it be a life partner, a healthier body, a better career, better connection with family, more time for your own self-development or spiritual growth requires two things: 1. Your willingness to earnestly looking at your current beliefs and thoughts, along with 2. Your willingness to change current behavioral patterns. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, the famous stem cell and DNA scientist, found that 95% of what we do in our day-to-day life is controlled by our unconscious mind. Think about that for a moment. This means out of all the things you say or do, only a minuscule fraction is done through your conscious mind. Think back for a moment; have you ever

Is Your Story A Classic?

What would happen if your story was no longer valuable? What would happen to you if your past, all the reasons you can’t do, be or have what you want was no longer an option? What if there was no one left to listen to it? What then? We all get stuck at some point in our life, if not more than once throughout our lifetime, telling ourselves and others why our life is the way it is. Here are some examples of such stories: Although I don’t really care for my job, it’s the best I can do because I’m not smarter. I don’t have the money or time to go back to school, and I don’t have the connections others do to get a better job. I’m so unhappy with my partner. He or she doesn’t treat me very well,

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