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Story of the Shift

I had the blessed privilege of being a guest on a dynamic podcast with the fantabulous host, Audrey Groeschel with Women Are The Journey. You'll want to check out her podcast; she's pretty freakin' audacious.

Is Learning A Commodity?

I recently read an article by someone I admire, and what really caught my attention was the heading, “Learning is not a commodity”. It caused me to pause, and think. Selecting wisely who you want to work with along your developmental life path is an essential part of your growth. Thankfully, we seem to be moving pass the days of endless studying. Taking action and doing something with that information is where the tangible results are at. There is no better way to gain new knowledge and improve your skills than by doing. You can follow a coach, follow a course, study to pass an exam, and yet nothing will get you to be more skilled than doing what you have decided to do. Samples, stories, exa

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