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Is Learning A Commodity?

I recently read an article by someone I admire, and what really caught my attention was the heading, “Learning is not a commodity”.

It caused me to pause, and think.

Selecting wisely who you want to work with along your developmental life path is an essential part of your growth.

Thankfully, we seem to be moving pass the days of endless studying. Taking action and doing something with that information is where the tangible results are at.

There is no better way to gain new knowledge and improve your skills than by doing.

You can follow a coach, follow a course, study to pass an exam, and yet nothing will get you to be more skilled than doing what you have decided to do.

Samples, stories, examples, snippets of interesting information can guide you and cause you to think along the way, but only applying correctly what you learn will get you where you want to go.

Sure, you can take a free course, watch a webinar, read a book or buy a course real cheap these days.

The thing is, though, your attention to it will be in proportion to the price you have paid for it. How many pieces of free material have you downloaded and never touched? Have you ever downloaded a free online training, vowing to watch it when you had free time, but never manage to get to it?

At best you learn a couple of hints and tips here and there, get really excited and feel inspired which is OK since there is a market for it, but I want to offer so much more than that to my clients.

I’ve been both the receiver of free information who did little with it, as well as the giver of free content that either gets noticed, but mostly over looked.


There’s no value placed on it. There’s no real tangible investment in it.

The thing is people seem to value their learning, their healing, and/or their personal growth, along with their time when they have their hard earned money on the line.

What I know for certain is I want you to get the results you want to achieve to reach your full potential, and I know, based on experience, you won’t do that without having some skin in the game as they say.

How do you fully know if you’re applying and implementing the knowledge you are acquiring properly with all the free self-help or


If you want to identify or release limiting beliefs aka baggage around a specific area of your life (relationships, money, family, etc.), and apply all the free samples, snippets, and “heard or read” about information, how would you know you’ve really released or identified them?

Would you know what the necessary follow up steps were?

Would you know how to implement those?

Would you know if you actually got to the root cause?

Would you know the pitfalls to look out for along your new path?

Would you know if you were being triggered by a limiting beliefs or merely repeating a behavior pattern?

Let’s take making a cake for example. You’ve never made a cake before, but you know you want to. You buy all the ingredients and follow the recipe (Course, Webinar, Book, Pinterest, YouTube) to the “t”, but when it comes out of the oven something is wrong.

How would you know what went wrong? How would you know what went right? How much time would you spend asking this person or that person their opinion? How much time would you spend researching possible causes?

Self-study is probably the least efficient way to acquire new knowledge or skills, mostly because you will be juggling other tasks simultaneously.

Listening to your course while checking your email or maybe while driving your car. How fully present are you?

Your attention flows where your focus goes.

Learning something new or a new way of being requires your dedication. You need to be present, and you need to have a strong desire to grow, not just an interest.

The fantastic thing about technology is it creates an opportunity to save time as well as brings the right person to work with you from anywhere in the world.

Claiming you don’t have enough time or you wish you could work with so-and-so but they are too far away is an unacceptable excuse these days.

With technology bridging the seas, mountains, and cities between us along with time being saved because of no more commuting, you are able to work with who you want.

Believe it or not, this way of growing will save you money in the long run.

Your money will be used for your learning, not your travel (gas, wear & tear on your car, insurance), not childcare fees, and not having to take time off work or away from your family to go to an appointment.

Don’t leave your visions of living a vibrant life on the table merely as a fantasy.

Be inspired to grow beyond what you never thought you could ever be.

Be hopeful to know your vision is very tangible if you take action.

There IS a means to get out of your own way, and live the life you desire.

If you think or wonder if I can help you do that, there’s a way to find out - schedule a consultation.

Until next time,

Dr. KellyRae

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