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Step Away From The Quick Fix

We have become a society of individuals who prey on the necessity for quick fixes to our problems, and yet on some level we are wise enough to know they don’t work. So why do we continue to reach for the proverbial ‘quick fix’? It’s been my experience when we reach a point in our life when the pain of our problem(s) become so unbearable either through self-neglect or ignoring our 'gut instinct' aka inner voice, we desperately grasp for anything and everything that will claim to take the pain away NOW! Regardless of what we know to be true, we frantically convince ourselves the ‘quick fix’ is the right thing for us. We even go so far as to ignore the warnings of side effects that impact us

Move Beyond The What Ifs

When you want to make a change in your life, you have a quick few seconds in between the desire thought and the action taking thought. It’s where you go from having an idea to actually taking action before your brain kicks into full gear and sabotages any change in behavior. Your brain is wired to stop you from doing things that are uncomfortable, uncertain, or scary. Making a conscious decision to makes changes in your life are just thoughts…..the real action comes from the unconscious mind. Our conscious mind is considered the Goal Setter and the unconscious mind is considered the Goal Getter. Notice the distinct difference in the two. It’s the conscious mind that tells us change is scar

Misplaced Key

We search our pockets, we search our purses, trying to locate the missing key that will unlock and release the door of struggle, the door of strife, the door of burdens, the door of conflict resolution, the door of fear, the door to freedom..................., and yet fail to realize we ARE the key. From our early conditionings, our beliefs, our upbringings, our traditions, our childhood experiences we've come to conclude once we find the key to success (success being any achievement) that we've reached the proverbial promise land. The land of freedom. The land of bliss. The land of everlasting joy. And when we do everything we think is "right" and the key(s) doesn't open the door to the afo

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