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Is There A Sweet Spot?

For as long as time and the human species have been on this planet, we’ve diligently swung like a pendulum on the grandfather clock of time. Swinging from a contracted state to an expansive state with momentary states of being in the “sweet spot”. The sweet spot so many desires to dwell in, yet simultaneously find it challenging to sustain for any period of time. Why is that? Whether we like to consciously admit it or not there seems to be more comfort found in either the contractive state or the expansive state. It seems to be our conditioning to expand and contract with brief moments of the rest state aka “sweet spot” before engaging in the expand and contract state once again. We experi

Attracting Your Ideal Partner

"Whether you believe relationships have a happy ending or not---you're right! " ~Dr. KellyRae Are you tired of online dating sites and only catching “Plenty of Carp” rather than “fish”? Are you tired of the dating scene and going out on dates that are 'so-so' or 'just not right'? Have you ever looked around at other married couples and thought, “Why can’t I have that?” Do you secretly fear that you'll end up alone and you'll never find a good man/woman who truly loves and adores the real you? If so, you are definitely not alone! Here’s the deal—what I’ve learned from working with hundreds of people from around the world is more often than not their beliefs around relationships are not in al

What's All the Hubbub About?

Let’s talk “Personal Growth & Development”, shall we? Perhaps the best place to start is defining what Personal Growth & Development means. Personal growth is the ongoing process of understanding and developing oneself in order to achieve one's fullest potential. Personal development is a vital part in a person's growth, maturity, success and happiness. It is the foundation of emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual health. Another words, it's a fancy schmancy term for defining one who is working on themself! The idea of personal growth or personal development has become a massive industry where people move from one concept, book or idea to the next, perhaps inspired and motivated,

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