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Is There A Sweet Spot?

For as long as time and the human species have been on this planet, we’ve diligently swung like a pendulum on the grandfather clock of time. Swinging from a contracted state to an expansive state with momentary states of being in the “sweet spot”. The sweet spot so many desires to dwell in, yet simultaneously find it challenging to sustain for any period of time. Why is that?

Whether we like to consciously admit it or not there seems to be more comfort found in either the contractive state or the expansive state.

It seems to be our conditioning to expand and contract with brief moments of the rest state aka “sweet spot” before engaging in the expand and contract state once again.

We experience this in all areas of our lives e.g., career, family, personal growth, spirituality, health & fitness, and relationships.

It’s been my experience with working with people from all over the world, from various ethical backgrounds, social-economic backgrounds, and spiritual backgrounds that depending on the area of life that challenges them the most based on past experience(s), they seem to desperately want to get out of either the contraction or expansion state and be able to sustainably dwell in the sweet spot. And in the same vein avoid it like the plague when given the opportunity for too long.

It’s in these conditions where the terms you may have heard about, “triggers”, “shadows”, “limiting beliefs”, and “baggage” seem to want to get our attention for our higher good, and yet they also seem to be the same conditions that keep us most stuck in our lives.

Relationships in specific seem to be a big area of our lives where we expand, contract, and engage in the sweet spot, and often times allow ourselves to get stuck or trapped in one area or another.

Being stuck in a contraction state in a relationship often times triggers feelings of resentment, worthlessness, insecurity, intolerance, isolation, vulnerability, hurt, guilt, jealousy, numbness, etc.

Being stuck in an expansive state in a relationship often leads to disillusionment, being unfocused, out of control, overwhelm, empty, narcissistic, etc.

You could see how anyone stuck in either state referenced above would crave the seeming sanity of the “sweet spot”, and yet when given this position for too long of a period of time boredom and restlessness sets in, and as a result a few things happen;

  1. One stays in the relationship regardless of it either being to contractive or expansive because it’s better than that “void” state, or

  2. One jumps from relationship to relationship with little or no change in states, and creates one failed relationship after another, or

  3. One avoids relationships all together believing there’s no hope for a successful relationship, or

  4. One wants a relationship; knows they don’t want what they’ve previously had; and are willing to explore their values, beliefs, and patterns in order to attract someone who shares all states of contraction, expansion and the sweet spot. And not necessarily simultaneously, but in partnership with one another.

We are definitely a fascinating group of individuals who have elected to be here and now, and in our imperfect perfection experiencing all three states (contractions, expansion, and sweet spot).

If you are feeling stuck in one particular state and would love to move beyond it, I’d love to be able to partner with you to do just that.

If you are feeling fearful of swinging from one extreme state to another because of being fearful of getting stuck in the “limbo” state aka “sweet spot”, I’d love to be able to assist you with being able to trust yourself and your judgment in all the states of being.

If you are someone who knows you want to be in a relationship, and feel nervous about getting back into one, I’d love to be able to work with you to breakthrough any limiting beliefs or barriers you may have stopping you from having what you desire.

In my 8 week program, it is specifically designed to teach you about yourself, release your “relationship baggage”, and empower you to attract someone healthy who compliments and enriches your life rather than drain it. And all of this is possible, if you are willing to reach for it. It just takes you getting in contact with me.

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