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Attracting Your Ideal Partner

"Whether you believe relationships have a happy ending or not---you're right! " ~Dr. KellyRae

Are you tired of online dating sites and only catching “Plenty of Carp” rather than “fish”? Are you tired of the dating scene and going out on dates that are 'so-so' or 'just not right'? Have you ever looked around at other married couples and thought, “Why can’t I have that?” Do you secretly fear that you'll end up alone and you'll never find a good man/woman who truly loves and adores the real you? If so, you are definitely not alone!

Here’s the deal—what I’ve learned from working with hundreds of people from around the world is more often than not their beliefs around relationships are not in alignment with their values. Somewhere along your journey you’ve been conditioned to believe certain things about a “normal” relationship, and when those conditioned beliefs conflict with your unknown values havoc occurs.

It’s not enough to merely have 3 universal values around relationships---trust, love & respect. We as humans are far more diverse, and to not evaluate all your values (known or unknown) around relationship sets you up for unhealthy, non-lasting relationships.

I’ve worked with quite a number of people who have shared they want a very healthy and happy relationship, but are too afraid of trying again because of painfully past relationships. They’ve shared they would love to find a partner who simply sees them and accepts them for who they are, and not settle for the sake of having a relationship. No doubt it can be tricky and scary to open yourself up to another relationship even if it’s what you really want.

Seeing how many “self-help” books are on the shelves on this subject matter, along with online dating sites who claim to match you up with your perfect mate, and folks still struggling to Attract their Ideal Partner, I decided to create an amazing program to help men and women who are from all walks of life around the world to Attract their Ideal Partner through a step-by-step process of releasing their past relationship baggage, strengthening their DYNAMIC WORTH, and positioning themselves to happily and effectively Attract Your Ideal Partner.

I know I know you’ve ‘tried everything’; I also know you still desire having a partner too, which is why this course is for you!

Attract Your Ideal Partner

Over the course of 8 weeks, you'll be guided through a very powerful process that will allow you to safely identify the hidden patterns of unhealthy relationship behaviors, remove the limiting beliefs you have built up around your unhealthy relationships, empowering your mind/body/spirit with vibrant vitality, creatively designing a system that will help you filter out, and align with those individuals who compliment and enrich your life.


Discover what you didn’t unconsciously know about yourself in your unhealthy relationships

Learn and apply a formula that allows you to filter through BS and get to the truth of a person

Reconnect with yourself, and remember what brings you true pleasure and joy

Feel so confident in yourself that zero doubt remains in your mind that your Ideal Partner is on their way

Learn to how to best position yourself to Attract Your Ideal Partner

In this program, you’ll be guided through moving beyond the surface level of why past relationships haven’t worked, along with receiving practical and achievable proven steps and clinically researched and well proven techniques to help you successfully release the hidden feelings and emotions that have kept you from drawing to you your desires, and ultimately – Attracting Your Ideal Partner!

About Dr. KellyRae Brown

After conducting over a decade of research into spirituality, relationships, human behavior, consciousness and manifestation, Dr. KellyRae Brown has created an impactful program that is unlike anything on the market today!

She has always been a woman who has been on a quest for understanding human behavior and relationships, and has made it her mission to help as many as possible who desire to get out of their own way. She has read countless books on the subject matter and has studied with well known individuals in the realm of human behavior such as Dr. Matthew James, Dr. John Ryan, Dr. Wayne Dryer, Dr. Gregg Braden and Louise Hay, to name a few.

Her mission is to help both men and women who are ready to move beyond unhealthy relationships and into living their vibrantly thriving lives with their Ideal Partner.

In addition to individually working with them through their program, she also hosts a private Facebook group as a continual means of support along their journey.

How Does It Work?

This program is systematically designed to work in a progressive 8 week course, directly with Dr. KellyRae. Course material will be done at your own pace and completed in your own private space, along with having one-on-one weekly sessions with her. Having the personal one-on-one with Dr. KellyRae allows you to progress through the program with ease, grace, and feel fully supported along your journey. All the program material provided is yours to keep and you'll be able to refer back to it whenever you want.

Dr. KellyRae holds a PhD in Philosophy and is a Certified Masters Practitioner of Neuro-linguistics Programming (NLP), Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy (MER®), and Hypnotherapy. And this is what makes this program different to anything you’ve ever undertaken before. The program material is your step-by-step guide on how to get it done, and the interaction with Dr. KellyRae and her vast array of tools and experience in helping you release any unlimiting beliefs and realigning beliefs and values is what makes this program stand out from anything you have every tried before!

Keys to you successfully completing the program are to make a commitment to YOU to be dedicated to the process. Missed weekly lessons, sessions with Dr. KellyRae, or being too busy to get to it done will have an impact on your overall results.

Remember: You are worth having and being in a healthy, vibrant supportive relationship, aren’t you? You are worth your own investment of commitment to your program success, right? That’s right---YOU ARE!

Enrollment Process

To apply for this innovative program, please send your contact information along with the best times to contact you, and you’ll be scheduled for a conference call to go over further detailing, answer any additional questions, and discuss start date of your program. Please send to

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