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Have You Felt Disappointment?

Have you ever allowed yourself to feel disappointed? I mean really FEEL it? Have you ever gotten stuck in disappointment? Have you read all the self-help books; used all the powerful “I AM” affirmations; taken all the workshops, classes and webinars until you were confused and/or worn out; and the whole while continue to put a smile on your face, pushing forward towards that line of satisfaction? No doubt life and it’s ever shifting and changing surfaces can be both daunting and exhilarating simultaneously. Now couple those shifting, changing surfaces with unexpressed emotions and you'll no doubt have a plenitude of feelings. Although feelings and emotions may be two sides of the same coin

Empty Calorie Self-Care

Do you ever have one of “those” moments? You know, the moment Oprah refers to as “Ah-Ha”. A fleeting moment in your life when you feel you’ve just been shown the Holy Grail, where the effervescence of beaming light shines down from the heavens and nearly blinds you in your viewing? Yeah, one of those moments. You get caught up in the shininess of it; your breath paused without conscious awareness; and all intellectual cylinders firing at once causing you to only utter, “Uhhhhh”. Yep, that’s the moment I’m talking about. What do you do with those moments? Do you say, “Hmmmm, that’s interesting”? Do you get super excited and leap into action? Do you scramble for something to write with

Packing Limits

Branding, Slogans and Jingles serve as very valuable tools when promoting something. A well known slogan was modified for the purpose of this attached picture, which headlines the topic of this posting. So what is the story behind the original slogan, the now modified slogan, and more importantly the relevance behind it? The original slogan was “What’s in Your Wallet?:, and since 2000, Capital One Financial — the nation's largest direct bank — has been promoting its credit card services by asking “What's in Your Wallet?” Three years later it began promoting banking and other financial services using the same iconic tagline, slogan, and question. Brilliant, right? What makes the slogan so bri

Change: Exhilarating & Terrifying

Going through ANY transition or change in your life can be exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. Breaking through the chrysalis of your previous existence into a new way of living can be beautifully messy and painful. Your first reaction is to retreat back to what is familiar, not necessarily comfortable. Retreating back to what is familiar can cause you to feel like you are failing or not strong enough to make the necessary changes for the betterment of your life. This is not true. it only becomes true when you remain unchanged. Please know I can relate to this very well as I've done this very thing within my own transformational change at certain stages of my life. One of the great

Initiator or Procrastinator?

Do you know anyone who is a great initiator? Someone who eagerly starts something new and quickly burns out before things really get going? Someone who has self-diagnosed themselves with some kind of condition that prevents them from finishing anything, and yet has no problem finishing other things? Someone who gets so excited to start a new diet, a new exercise routine, a new way of healthy food living and then suddenly just stops doing it? Someone who gets super excited about dating someone new, jumping all in feet first only to shortly burnout and find themselves in a relationship they hardly participate in now? Someone who wants to stop self-sabotaging themselves who hires a coach, couns

Failure and Money

Failure----this word, Failure, is like the word Money, and can definitely affect people similarly. To be clear neither Failure nor Money have the ability to affect anyone. However, we as humans allow Failure and Money to hold BIG POSITIONS in our lives, which results in an outward reflection. Think about it for a second.....Money, a relatively small piece of paper, having so much Godzilla (a fictional giant monster) for instance. Picture Money as Godzilla, and what's the first thing you think? Think of how powerful Failure is; it's not even tangible, and yet it is even more powerful than Money. What if both Failure and Money were Giant, Fluffy Friendly Unicorns? How would you

Where Are You Paddling?

We do what we do based on our WHY. Seems simple enough, right? Here are some examples of WHYs: I want to lose weight because it's good for my physical health, mental clarity, and emotional well-being. I want to be in a healthy relationship because having a supportive, loving, caring, trustworthy partner is important to my physical health as well as my mental and emotional wellness. I want a career that fulfills my life propose, financially supports my lifestyle, and allows me the freedom to enrich my personal growth and spiritual development. Seems pretty detailed with the WHY, right? So WHY is it so many aren't reaching it? Because they are too busy striving for other whys. Here are some ex

Who's in Charge of You?

Taming our Inner Critic is the key to creating an extraordinary life of Infinite Abundance, Love and Joy to be shared. Taming this rascal can prove to be challenging and elusive because it's a masterful trickster you've developed over the years. Yes, you read that correctly - you've developed this Inner Critic. We all have one. Some refer to it as an ego. Some refer to it as the inner nay-saying voice. Others may refer to it as Debbie-Downer, worrywart or Shadow. I refer to mine as Trudy. This Inner Critic of ours can be so cleverly elusive in its antics as well as ridiculously convincing in the process. It likes to magnify our thoughts, fears, and doubts to an outlandish size, and convince

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