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Misguided and Misunderstood

It saddens my heart to think some have been either misguided or have a misunderstanding of the healing process associated with releasing baggage aka limiting beliefs (emotional wounds). I've worked with quite a number of individuals who feel somehow not good enough, not smart enough, or not hardworking enough because unexpected moments or events in their lives triggered emotional responses they previously dealt with and have had come up again. So often when asking a client to describe their understanding of healing they will compare it to a physical wound that has healed. Example: A cut on the arm builds a protective layer of tissue (scab) in order for new skin to generate, ultimately seali

Spare Some Change?

The evolutionary journey of our life is an interesting experience. We are continually ebbing and flowing between who we are and who we are no longer. We’ve challenged ourselves---our personal growth and development----from the time we were young. As children our acceptance of our self didn’t seem to be a conscious thought, we just learned, implemented, and built momentum towards further growth. Then, the awareness of others and what they were doing or saying became influential in our personal growth and development. Depending on the immediate outside influence of our personal world, the choices we made wielded many experiences for us. With these variant experiences we’d encounter a disconnec

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