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The Alchemy of Transformation

It seems inevitable for transformation to occur contraction precedes expansion, and yet nearly every time it happens we can feel a shred of panic. Maybe we are working diligently on our personal transformation, doing well in the world, allowing ourselves to follow our dreams, and yet ponder why we are still experiencing restrictions of all kinds-financial, emotional, physical. Perhaps we feel a little loss in our transformation, likened to being in a dark room with no windows. Confusion, doubt and self-defeatism seem to awaken our inner-critic’s voice, telling us we are not really making progress. This proven timeless recipe for transformation remains the same, darkness before the dawn aka

Book Release

So excited to announce the publishing of my book. It's now available on Kindle through Amazon. Decision Driven Life: Strategies for Successful Decision Making by Dr. KellyRae Brown Link:

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