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Seminar Junkie? Self-Help Binger?

Do you know anyone who’s a seminar junkie? An information over-loader? A self-help binger? AND still operates from their self-defeating, self-doubting, self-loathing, ways?

These are the individuals who are always on the quest for finding the rare unicorn, the cup of life, the end all to be all ‘thing’, who after fueling themselves up on seminar charge, information over-load, and self-help injections, return to their lives doing just as they had done before going on their quest.

These are the same individuals who remain skeptic and unchanged in their behaviors.

These are the individuals who invest a lot of time and money into attending seminars, workshops, online courses who after completing them ALWAYS seems to find something minutely wrong with them, and return to their lives disgruntled and unsatisfied.

These are the same individuals who know that just one more course, one more book, one more therapist, one more coach will be IT because after all they are the same individuals that define themselves as ‘enlightened’.

Enlightenment itself requires more than wisdom, jammed packet knowledge, and educational overload. Enlightenment is a state of being. In order to sustain a certain state of being one must practice that state repeatedly.

This is where I see clients stumble and fall. Hell, I’ve stumbled and fallen myself over the years. The key to actually implementing, benefiting, and quantifying the value of your enthralling knowledge is to BE it. There’s an expression and is goes as such; if your ACTIONS do not prove the TRUTH of your WORDS, then your words are nothing more than LIES!

Merely coming home from a seminar, workshop, or conference feeling excitedly inspired without taking action is only sustainable for a short period of time, and the search for yet another inspirational high ensues.

How does one kick this addiction?

First, it requires admission and awareness on the addict’s part to realize they are seeking the high, not the change in behavior. HUGE!!!!!

Second, realizing they truly do want to change, and put into practice all their knowledge they’ve gained over the years. No doubt it remains within their unconscious mind-----being held as data waiting to be processed.

Third, it requires investing in yourself and working with someone to breakthrough your limiting beliefs and actively participating in changing your behaviors and patterns long-term.

Merely having and knowing the information is NOT ENOUGH; it requires ACTION.

Are you ready to take action? I’m not talking getting high on information action; I’m talking about really kicking the seminar junkie fixation, the overload addiction, the self-help bingeing and breaking through your limiting beliefs and creating a life you truly desire? Let’s talk.

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