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Motivation is like heroin

I used to find myself constantly searching for something to light that fire in my belly... Memes, quotes & motivational speeches... Because they gave me an instant “hit” or "fix". I’d feel like Super Woman...

Pumped up and certain I could accomplish anything! Within a very short period of time Super Woman vanished, and I was back to being the old KellyRae again... Demotivated, uncertain, and low on self confidence. I’d then be on a hunt for the next “fix”......

A "fix" bigger than the previous one because I wanted it to last.

This cycle continued for YEARS. Without my conscious awareness, my life had turned into one big dark circle of stagnation and frustration. As I began to study human psychology, spirituality & behavioral change... I realized that I had essentially been injecting my mind with a f***ing class A drug!

And the worse part was my "dealer" or "junkie" was my inner critic Trudy.

Can you imagine???

So, I swapped the needle for supplements... More specifically “Mind Supplements” Learning to release limiting beliefs, baggage, and unhealthy habits.....

Creating new habits, routines, and rituals helped me regain my confidence, self love, and an inner tranquility that has transcended into every area of my life. From being stuck in a rut, sinking into self-loathing, bordering on depression and unable to escape... I am now living a life I love to live... And I wake up every day with clarity, purpose & most importantly... A heart filled with nothing but joy ❤️ Ditch the quick fix needles... And supplement your inner critic with a new set of beliefs, behaviors, and habits that serve your higher good.

Would you like to learn how to do this for yourself? Connect with me, and lets have a conversation.

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