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Finding Your Happiness

Ending this week's topic of "Stuckness" on this note because it may be the key that you use to move through the proverbial stuck doorway.

Let’s talk about happiness… The universe does actually want you to be happy. To add to that, you are meant to be successful in life.


Stay with me now----some get stuck on the word success, and equate that to a standard of living, a standard of income, a standard of some kind, and hence get stuck. If this word trips you up, substitute it for one that doesn't in order to keep moving forward with me here. 👍

Imagine this belief for a moment: You have a gift of 100% success and happiness. You have already opened it, and you are already experiencing it.

Pause! Re-read that last one and let it sink in a bit-----even if it sounds too good to be true. Resonate in that for just a bit longer.

I know, it sounds too good to be true. And, I have been at points in my life where I did not believe this, because I was not experiencing happiness. I don’t care how long you have been using your self-help tools, you have moments where things seem to be going wrong. Maybe you fall flat on your face on the “road of life,” or maybe you just aren’t “feeling it.”

Feeling, to me, seems to be the biggest thing of all. Not just because I'm highly sensitive, empathic or intuitive, but rather because FEELINGS are like a dimmer switch on a light or a dial on a gas stove burner.

If you're feeling "meh" then your flame is low.

If you're feeling passionate about something (good or bad) your flame is high.

Here is the deal with HAPPINESS: The universe wanting you to be happy is different from it making you happy.


I know. For some this might be rubbing up against certain beliefs you hold about the universe, keep reading.

You are given moments where you are shown things, told things, or maybe you feel things that allow you to have a glimpse of happiness. This glimpse is your life saying, “Hey! Over here! This is happiness!! Please pay attention!!” In that moment you are being shown that life actually wants you to be happy and that you have a connection to that feeling.

Maybe this comes from your child telling you that they love you. I remember the first time my daughter told me that, she was 9 years old. Even though I had evidence of her love for me, hearing those words meant so much. When she finally uttered them, I nearly burst with such joy and happiness. A moment I'll never forget, and can connect back into whenever I want. Precious!!!

Maybe a friend gives you a hug just when you need it. Or maybe it’s the way someone you care so much about looks at you, and you know that gift of pure love is present.

Stop for a second and think about a specific time where this has happened to you. Find one of those memories now. What were you seeing, what were you hearing, what were you saying to yourself, and what were you FEELING?

Now here is the big question... What did you do with that moment? Did you let it pass? Did you doubt it? Did you soak it all in?

You see, that moment is the universe giving you an opportunity. An opportunity to be happy, to be successful, and to feel that joy that you absolutely deserve. However, the universe only opens that door. It can’t make you walk through it. The old saying, "You can lead a horse to water, and you can’t make it drink.”

If you're finding yourself in one of those "stuck" moments in your life, know you have the ability and resources within you to turn up your flame.

When I think of being stuck, I think of it as a low simmering flame that "meh" I mentioned above. Not a lot of umph behind it, and yet powerful enough to hold one in place.

Knowing you have the resources and tools within you to turn up that flame of Happiness is very powerful. And it's as simple as connecting with those previous memories of happiness that can change everything.

Maybe you are needing a little more help because you're struggling to use your tools during these times of feeling stuck, unmotivated, or in a quandary, then may I suggest you get in touch with me and we talk through it.

Until next time, so much love.

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