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What If Your Not Falling Apart

Over the last several years (a good solid, on and off again, 7) it has felt as if we've been falling apart.

what if you've actually been falling together?

Have you noticed more and more of late your previous coping skills seem ineffective or at best provide a sense of "meh--that was ok", but never quite seemed like the "it thing" for really getting the job done?

I mean seriously I could recall barely using a sage smudge for clearing my house, and now I could burn a few bushels of sage and it would feel like "that was nice, but.......".

No, switching to palo santo or lavender or sweet grass is not the answer. They are lovely, and serve a purpose of smelling wonderfully delicious, and yet their healing impact does not feel the same.


Because the more and more we fall together, the more we are connecting with our own mastery, our own internal power source.

A power source that has ALWAYS been within our reach, ALWAYS been available to us, and has ALWAYS been with us since our incarnation here to planet earth.

Do you know when we KNEW this power source?

When we first incarnated. Within the first 3 to 4 years of our lives on this planet we were aware of everything about us as well as well aware of our connection to Source.

We knew no separation from God, Angels, our Spirit Guides, those before us, and versions of our prior self.

We didn't even understand there was such a thing of separation.

We just were.

As we began to be molded and integrated into the ways those prior to us interpreted the "rules of the road", so to speak, we adopted those ways as truth, and have been modeling those ways for countless centuries.

Ebbing and flowing as the tweaking and awareness of each new generation shuffles along either bucks up against the "system in play" or "conforms".

Neither being right nor wrong, but merely an expression of figuring one's self out-------a journey of sorts to FALL TOGETHER.

You see this as evidence within your own current life's journey.

Little ones having "imaginary" friends to play with. (Connecting with Source, Angels & Guides)

From childhood to adulthood continually comparing and measuring yourself against the standards of your peers. Labeling these generated standards you've created for yourself as good or bad, thus creating limiting beliefs.

Young adult to 50's continuing the cycle of life through your own generated standards, beliefs and patterns and sharing them with those "younger" than you.

Reaching a "wiser" realm 60 and beyond, and once again evaluating and shedding those things you deem no longer necessary or tolerable in your current existence. Creating an inward expression of peace, which resonates outwardly as wisdom.

The goal is not to "find yourself"---you've never left nor have you been separated. You are, however, as a result of all the "stress and changes" as you like to call it, falling together.

It is so beautiful to bear witness to this awareness, even if it seems like all hell is breaking loose.

Through the breaking loose of this "hell" is where you will see the heart of others. As it is a reflection of your own heart.

Yes, both our physical and emotional heart can be weak if not protected, and it can be just as weak if blocked.

Vulnerability with healthy boundaries removes the blockage.

For many of you you've been blocked, guarded and shielded for a very long time, and even the thought of removing that "armor" seems scary as shit----I know.

Imagine if you will. You've only ever driven an automatic vehicle, and now the only vehicles available are standard transmission (stick shifts).

Your whole driving career you've only known how to operate an automatic transmission.

You hopping in it every day, turn the key to ignite, and from there you unconsciously operate this vehicle to get you to and fro--daily.

One day this vehicle breaks, and there's no mechanic anywhere who can repair your vehicle.

Parts are no longer available for it.

Today's repair equipment does not adjust for your vehicle.

You find yourself at a crossroads.

You know you need transportation to continue your purpose. You know your current vessel is not working. You've tried everything you've always done to fix it, and it's still not working.

So what do you do?

You opt to get the new vehicle as you know your "ride" isn't over, and you still have plenty of living to do.

Do you swiftly jump into the new vehicle with no tangible experience of operating it, and drive it effortlessly?

The likelihood of that is all in your state of mind.

Do you continually compare how this new vehicle doesn't measure up to your old one?

Do you continue to try and drive it like your old one?

Do you have moments of frustration learning how to operate it?

Do you squeal with joy when you successfully make it go without stalling along the way?

Do you choose to laugh with childlike wonder as you embrace something new, even though you don't have it all figured out?

Somewhere in the "DO" questions, you'll receive an inside peak to your limiting beliefs. Take heed of them, as they are what needs clearing as you FALL TOGETHER.

As always know I am here to assist you with releasing these limiting beliefs, and supporting you as you choose to FALL TOGETHER.

Remember, you're not falling apart----you're falling into YOU.

Until next time, so much love.

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