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What the blankety-blank????

For many the daily living of limitations, stress, economic despair, political warfare against the backdrop of an uncertain global pandemic can certainly take its toll on your mental, emotional and physical body.

How many find yourself at some point or another asking yourself: Who am I becoming? What am I doing? Where am I going? What the blankety-blank do I do now?

Have you noticed how easy it is to slide into the space of despair or anxiety or stress or pools of uncertainty?

Or maybe another way of asking would be,

Have you noticed how challenging it is to stay in the space of peace or love or non-judgment?

It’s so easy to slip back into the space of taking all of this unrest, all this unease, all this uncertainty---PERSONALLY.

For in truth, you may feel guilty because you don’t have it worse than others.

You may feel uncomfortable because you’ve actually been doing really well during all of this madness, and embarrassed to talk about it because of what you see around you.

You may also be feeling the pressure of change coming on you personally with all this uncertainty and it’s rattling you deeply.

So, I want to remind you beautiful souls, you are not alone, AND you are needed.

Yes, there are BIG changes and shifts happening on our beautiful planet earth, and there’s a whole lot of shaking going on that’s for sure.

And your job right now, is not to join forces with all the voices of darkness that want to intoxicate, confuse, shatter, and divide us.

No sir, not on our watch. We DESERVE BETTER.

Your job right now is self care.

WTF? Are you freakin’ kidding me right now?

Listen to me now….....UNEQUIVOCALLY YES!!!!

That’s your job right NOW.

Yes, I know, I know you don’t feel like it. You just can’t. The best you can do is…..snack, be upset, and play video games or binge watch something.


But I need you to hear me out here, OK?

When we withdraw from self care, it’s instantly replaced with things like self-criticism, self-doubt, stress, anxiety, depression, rage, etc.

I can tell you I’ve done this many times over my lifetime.

My mood changes, my body starts to ache, my shoulders and back start to hurt, my focus begins to shift, my words begin to change, and my friends begin to retreat.

I also become less tolerate and compassionate with others.

I become critical of their decisions and actions, and judge their motives.

I find it harder to find hope in the mist of despair.

Here’s the thing for those who think, “Well those aren’t real friends if they leave you”, it’s not their fault.

Honestly? Who wants to be around a miserable person? Only another who chooses to be in the cesspool of their own hell, that’s who.

So, how do we do this?

We take our freakin’ power back---that’s how, and it’s done with self care.

Remember, YOU CONTROL your environment.

YOU CONTROL how you want to feel in your home. YOU CONTROL the foods you consume..quality and quantity. YOU CONTROL the movement you do in your body. YOU CONTROL the words you speak. YOU CONTROL the beliefs you hold.

After all, WE ARE living, breathing, holy beings, and have so much more in us to give.

So tell me, how will you support the holy in you today?

How will you shift the self doubt, the self criticism, the anxiety, the stress, the feeling of uncertainty with self care?

I’m here for you, and desire nothing more than to help you reach your true essence, and it’s up to you to get in touch with me.

Until next time, so much love

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