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Recovery-Care Mode or Self-Care Mode?

I love me some Epsom salt soaks while burning incense in a dimly lit room with candles, listening to the sound of spa music.

I also remember when I relied on the above because I thought it was real self-care.

What it turned out to be was Recovery-Care.

Recovery-Care was a whole lot different then Real Self-Care.

Recovery-Care was a need to check out because things were too much----but then afterwards go back to into the fight....the grind....the world that felt like I needed recovering from.

Recovery-Care was a quick fix because of the urgency needed to keep it all together.

Recovery-Care was a survival skill.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Recovery-Care, it's necessary, and yet if we aren't aware of what to do after recovery we go back to the way things were.

Recovery-Care can be a dangerous space because of it's feeling of wellness when in fact it's a stationing place to patch up a wound.

Self-Care on the other hand is the place where you work on healing the emotional wounds that caused the need to go to Recovery-Care.

Healing our emotional wounds (broken relationships, unhealed childhood beliefs, job loss, illness, body-image, sexuality, stress, anxiety, depression, etc.) provide us with the capabilities of minimizing our future wounds. This is Real Self-Care.

Enjoying an Epsom salt soak while burning incense in a dimly lit room with candles. listing to spa music from a place of Real Self-Care takes on a whole new FEEL.

If you're finding yourself scheduling lots of recovery-care or struggling to even find time for recovery-care, then I suggest you get in touch with me and let's have a conversation. I'd love to be able to help you transition from recovery-care to true luxurious self-care that doesn't cost you everything.

Until next time, so much love

Dr. KellyRae


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