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5 Ways to Beat the Post-Christmas Blues

The post-Christmas blues can leave many feeling down and even a little empty.

Compound these feelings with the mood of 2020 and there's no doubt even the brightest of souls can be feeling a little down or alone, especially if they weren't able to gather with their loved ones this year.

Here are some ways you can support yourself through the post-Christmas holiday.

  1. Make A Plan After the excitement of Christmas, even one that may have been different then any you ever imagined, going back to a "normal" schedule/routine can trigger a sense of sadness. A good way to minimize this feeling is to create something to look forward to. Depending on your budget and lifestyle, this could be anything from planning a long overdo Epsom salt bath soak to booking a trip away. Whatever you plan, make sure it is something you really look forward to, then start counting the days.

  2. Exercise Your Laugh Muscles Laughter has been proven to be an extremely effective mood booster; releasing endorphins which instantly raise spirits and give a feeling of wellbeing. Consider watching funny movies, YouTube videos, reminiscing with friends/family of moments in the past that make you both laugh. Give yourself permission to laugh, and enjoy it. It doesn't take special equipment, clothing, or cost a fee; it's available whenever you want it.

  3. Movement Equal Mood Enhancer Although feeling down is unlikely to put you in the mood to exercise, getting up and active is actually one of the best things you can do. Exercise not only releases mood boosting endorphins, but if you've indulged in holiday treats, there's a high probably your mind, body, and spirit are feeling a little sluggish. Movement can quickly shift that feeling, and stabilize your mood long-term. Getting out for some fresh air will definitely perk you up.

  4. Selfcare Is Essential During this time of year we find ourselves focusing on others. Shopping, cooking, spending extra time outside of our normal routines, and this can be draining even to the best of us. There's absolutely no shame in carving time out for yourself. It's essential to coordinate your schedule to have some "downtime". Schedule time for a hot bath, catching up on reading, meditating, yoga, or taking a long drive. When your mental and emotional cup is full, you'll feel better.

  5. Be Brave If the thought of going back to your regular routine feels even more depressing you than the post-Christmas blues, perhaps this is a sign to make some changes. Although everyone feels a bit down about returning to work, if the thought is really making you blue then maybe it's time to think about changing your job or starting your own business. Alternatively, perhaps it's time to seriously consider shift/changing other aspect of your life that are no longer serving you. Is your relationship suffering? Have you been hanging onto it when it's been over for years? Has your health been put on the back burner because of your struggle with your finances? Look at what needs to be changed then make a plan to tackle it in ⓈⓂⒶⓁⓁ steps. Be brave, Be bold, Live your best life 𝓝𝓞𝓦!


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