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Transition From One Year to the Next

I know for many January 1 of any year isn't necessarily THE day you implement, write down, or even set out to achieve your goals.......there's still the fluctuation between the previous year and the new year.

There's also the aspect of recovering from staying up too late, drinking or eating too much, peopling too much, or just flat out recovering from the holiday season.

Wherever you may be today, I encourage you to take some time and do the following thing.

Write a list of at least 10 gifts that you received from 2019. These may have been people, things or energetic experiences and perhaps you will write as many as 30, or more.

Just sit quietly for a few minutes in a comfortable spot, and give yourself a ceremony of perhaps 10 minutes and allow yourself to see, feel and notice the positive experiences that came in 2019. (Note: This is particularly important when or if you are feeling negative or like you are struggling.)

At the end of every year I do this very thing, and it's served as such a benefit........a reminder......of where I began and where I'm ultimately landing as a result of the Year's gifts.

What I love about this ceremony is it gives me an opportunity to remember AND reflect on things from a different vantage point.

A vantage point that allows me to be more objective and receiving of these experiences.

It's reminds me of experiences or gifts that perhaps I had forgotten about until hat moment, or hadn’t necessarily given myself reflection time to consider.

This ceremony is a wonderful gift to give yourself as a new year begins, and as we all know, an attitude of gratitude is a magnetic force!

Thank you all for connecting with me, and being a part of this amazing life.

Blessings to you all, and so much love.

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