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What's All the Hubbub About?

Let’s talk “Personal Growth & Development”, shall we?

Perhaps the best place to start is defining what Personal Growth & Development means. Personal growth is the ongoing process of understanding and developing oneself in order to achieve one's fullest potential. Personal development is a vital part in a person's growth, maturity, success and happiness. It is the foundation of emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual health.

Another words, it's a fancy schmancy term for defining one who is working on themself!

The idea of personal growth or personal development has become a massive industry where people move from one concept, book or idea to the next, perhaps inspired and motivated, but without actually addressing what it is that’s creating this endless search for happiness, calm, creativity, clarity, or even perfection in their lives.

Personal Growth and Development can also be a great way to lose one’s self from truly identifying the area of life that most pegs them at the current moment. For after all it seems most individuals are prompted, prodded, or even downright thrusted into personal growth as a result of an event that has disrupted their daily existence and flow.

As a great “recent” example looking back here in the U.S. (2007-2009) an entire nation being tussled, turned, and even laid flat out as a result of the housing market and the country’s economic status. So many lay-offs, furloughs, and scarcity burned through the country like a wildfire. In fact, this “crisis” rippled out around the world as globally there was much of the same economic struggles going on as well.

During this time period Universities, Jr. Colleges, Vocational schools alike were reporting an all-time high for enrollments. Why? Some would say for personal growth and development, which in fact may have been true; however, I believe it was for a deeper root concern. It wasn’t necessarily about people feeling better about themselves, or creating more happiness in their lives. Yes, those results came after the work was put in, but the vast majority who propelled themselves back into these educational institutions was for the sake of bettering their education in order to put themselves in a marketable position for a job or career.

Another example would be the hype that occurs every year for New Year’s Resolutions, or if you prefer goals, intentions, plans; regardless it’s all geared towards the same means. The point is, this hype around Health & Fitness really is marketed under the umbrella of “Weight Loss” propaganda. Why? Because Health & Fitness doesn’t feel, conceivably, specific enough for one’s needs. Perhaps someone just wants to lose weight and hates exercise, there’s no way they’re going to search out a Health & Fitness coach because there’s an assumption it requires exercise. Yet many of these same individuals, just referenced, are willing to buy into weight loss programs, cookbooks, and join support groups, and maybe even opt for surgery in order to lose weight. While others who don’t necessarily need to lose weight will invest in a personal trainer, join an exercise program, or create their own regiment based off watching YouTube videos. And the fact remains both of these falls under the category of Health & Fitness.

Now let’s talk about relationships? Perhaps one of the most challenging of them all because it not only includes you, it includes another as well.

For those in a relationship, unless they are constantly mindful of the need for relationship development, along with individual growth, this area of Personal Growth & Development really falls under the category of Relationship, and it tends to really show up when a relationship is struggling or there’s been a break-up of one. Moreover, when one has become recently ‘single’, there becomes a desire or need to work on one’s self, which certainly falls under Personal Growth & Development, and when they are ready to get back out there, so to speak, it then shifts to a Relationship area of your life.

Spirituality is another facet of our existence that plays a pivot role in our health, wealth, and happiness. Just like all the other areas of our lives we seem to be “tested”, as some may call it, as an opportunity to grow. Examples of being “tested” spiritually would be a birth, a death, and reconnection.

So what it is you are actually working on when you say you’re working on Personal Growth & Development?

What’s the intention?

What’s your reason?

What’s your why?

Generally speaking people don’t just arbitrarily ‘decide’ they are going to work on their Personal Growth & Development, it’s usually as a result of their life feeling a little off.

Don’t get me wrong, maintenance in the area of Personal Growth & Development is fantastic, and not necessarily something one says they are working on, but rather doing as a daily practice.

Growth by nature is an evolving process. It is not something static that we can ‘master’ once and for all. Yet this is an illusion so often perpetuated by the self-help industry. Life is constantly changing, constantly evolving, and so we need to learn how to ‘witness’ this change, to move skillfully with it, rather be ‘subject’ to the roller-coaster ride that change can sometimes bring about.

Moreover, it’s digging deeper, below the surface of what seems to be happening, and be willing to look at the core of it.

So many rush out to get the latest “self-help” book, watch endless reels of “self-help” videos, joining support groups and not really willing to look within.

There may be lots of ‘feel good’ support out there, and support you resonate with, and yet is this enough?

Is there real lasting change?

Is feeling a part of something serving you enough to propel you towards your optimal health, wealth and happiness?

Is seeing others you may or may not know succeeding at their own development enough to drive you to achieve yours?

Putting time, effort, and money into one’s own success, whatever that may be, is only measured and determined by the individual.

How will you spend your time, effort and money towards your success?

As a mindset coach who is notably known for teaching clients how to tame their own inner critic, I can tell you some do the necessary work to create better health, wealth and happiness for themselves, and others who only put the bare minimum work into it.

Those who show up prepared for their scheduled sessions, have completed any assignments or homework previously assigned, and have implemented the tools provided along their journey have reported feeling they’ve accomplished more within a short period of time than they’ve ever accomplished before.


Because they were committed and willing to do the work. Willing to do even the mundane, seemingly simple things that didn’t seem to make any since or could possibly derive anything substantial, and yet as a result of this consistency, this willingness to do the work anyway created fantastic success for them. As a result of their success they also reported how the immediate world around them shifted in positive ways.

Those who show up because it’s their scheduled session, (because they paid for it), who have put some effort into their assignments or homework, and haven’t don’t much with the tools provided aside from when they were first introduced to them have either dropped out of sight or complain how they aren’t seeing the results they thought they’d see. They feel they’ve really worked hard at the process, and yet when confronted about their preparedness for their scheduled appointments or the completion of their assignments, they generally respond with “reasons” aka “excuses” as to why they chose to not make their growth a priority.

Whether you buy a “self-help” book, pay for a course, talk to a therapist, hire a Reiki professional, a massage therapist, a hypnotherapist, a dietician, a personal trainer, join a gym or hire a coach, you showing up for you EVERY time will result in your success, period!

You do the work.

You are willing to ask for help.

You are willing to consider another way of doing something.

You being willing to even do the menial; seemingly mundane tasks consistently will be like that pebble being tossed into a pond. The results of a ripple from a pebble being tossed in the pond reflect in all areas of your life, and that my friend is where the health, wealth and happiness exist, and it’s called BALANCE.

Are you ready to expand your health, wealth and happiness in all areas of your life?

Are you ready to commit to your success?

Are you ready to do the work?

If you’ve said, “yes” to the above 3 questions, then you are the one I’m looking for to collaboratively support in achieving your goal.

Reach out to me at, and we'll begin with your first session.

Until next time, so much love.

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