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Change, Love & Transformation

In the mist of going through any form of change, we generally do not see immediate evidence of said transformation. Such a process is so personal and can feel daunting and unending at times. Yet one day upon waking we have this sudden realization that something has shifted, something has changed, an opening of sorts has occurred, and still there's a feeling of disbelief and uncertainity.

This phase is the most fragile of them all as it's during this phase where we question everything we are doing, everything we've been doing, and wondering what it all means. We question whether anything will ever get better. We ponder whether there's been real change or if we've just made that up in our mind. This very delicate phase, although in spiritual truth is a blink of an eye, in human truth seems like it last forever. This precious precipice requires steadfast patience on our part, for to react too quickly to this dubious phase could propel us backwards rather than the direction we've been diligiently working towards.

Would this be bad? No, it wouldn't.

It's what we do with the backward step that is where the real concern lies. For often times we see backward stepping as failing, rather than a restabilizing or evaluating step before taking the next one.

We tend to feel more secure in our progress when we actually see evidence of our efforts in our peripheral vision. Our outward surroundings bear witness to our inward workings. However, until we are able to see, feel, or hear evidence of some kind confirming our efforts, we question ourselves and our ability.

Dear Ones, you are not doing this alone. Every step you take towards change, love, and transformation are part of the journey, not the destination. Enjoy the journey in all it's blustery beautiful process for there is NO one place to arrive, but rather several experiences you will level up through. With each leveling up, your view of yourself, your surroundings, your desires, your goals, and your purpose will evolve.

Should you be seeking, needing or desiring evidence of your current progress, you are asked to pause, take some slow deep breaths, and say, "thank you". These words of thanks you say are for you, for your progress, for having the ability to bring yourself thus far, and for not giving up on yourself.

Know that you are loved beyond measure, and supported in the process. ~Dr. KellyRae

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