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What I’ve learned about being human and the behavior of humanity is the following:

1. We appreciate the things we invest in more than those things that are given to us for free.

2. We feel great pride in knowing we’ve purchased our first car, our first home, our education, opening our first business, etc.

3. The more effort we put into something the more we want it.

4. Feeling physically tired after a days work (whatever the job) ALWAYS feels better over an emotional worrisome day of doing nothing but ‘thinking’.

This last one may seem difficult so I’m going to ask you, "how it feels in your body" when you read it.

5. Asking for what you need (even if it’s challenging to do so) FEELS better than quietly HOPING someone will know or do what you need from them without asking.

I've experienced this as both a GIVER and a RECEIVER in my profession both as a FREE and PAID service.

What I've experienced from clients who invest in their wellness, in taming their inner critic through working with me is they are diligiently committed towards their success. They want to get their moneys worth, so to speak, and what that translates too is how committed am I (client) to doing and learning what I need to do to Show Up As the Best Version of Myself?

This is NOT to say clients who've received free coaching from me haven't gain information, but what I am saying is the ones who invest in themselves have greater gains than the others.

I know this to be true for myself as well. I have taken free courses/workshops and have appreciated them greatly, but the ones I invested in I heald myself at a higher standard of really participating and gaining as much knowledge and insight as I could in order to Show Up as a Better Version of Myself, so that I could be a Better Version for myself, my family and my business.

There's a big difference between GOOD and GREAT and that has everything to do with the investment you make in yourself. The work is the same, the committed effort generates the greater results.

Are you committed to having a GOOD relationship with your inner critic and life? Or Are you committed to having a GREAT relationship with your inner critic and life?

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