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Start Fresh, Start Now

2020 was a year like no other, and one filled with countless experiences, lessons, and memories.

How do we take all that wisdom and use it to our advantage? To propel us further towards what we want, and further away from what we don't want.

In this morning's radio show program, "Getting Through the Week" on The Donny Walker Morning Show, I talk about seven things you can do to start 2021 fresh, and to finish strong. You can listen to that show in its entirety right here.

Here are the seven things I talked about that you can incorporate right away to set live your best life now!

7 Things You Can Do To Anchor In A Great Year

1. Carry what served you in 2020 into 2021, and leave behind what didn’t serve you in 2020.

2. What went sideways in 2020? What didn’t work? What did you fail? What scared you? What was hard?

3. What worked for you during 2020? What did you learn about yourself?

4. Write down WHO DO I NOT WANT TO BE IN 2021?

5. Write down WHO DO YOU WANT TO BECOME IN 2021?

6. Set goals

7. What emotions would you feel if you achieved these goals?

You'll definitely want to listen to the show for the full details on how to successfully implement these 7 things, and learn why they are so vital to do in the order listed.

For additional trainings or show topics, please visit my event/media page here.


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