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So You Voted, Now What?

With so much valuable time having been spent or wasted, depending on one's viewpoint, I'm curious to know how you will direct your life now that you've voted.

No doubt there's been A LOT of time and energy spent talking, posting, convincing, and even threatening on which would be the better way to vote, but I'm curious to know how much of that same focus, sharing, and convincing was spent on personal growth and going after your desired dreams.

Unless you're a politician running for office, I would surely hope your aspirations, your dreams, your goals far reach beyond casting a vote.

Regardless of the outcome of the recent presidential election, change is inevitable while growth is optional.

This would be an excellent time to check within to see if you're still on track to reach your goals, your dreams, your desires.

  • Lose that weight.

  • Improve your health.

  • Spending quality time with those you love.

  • Reduce your debt to income ratio.

  • Start a new job/business.

  • Improve the quality of your relationships.

  • Heal your emotional wounds.

  • Earn that degree.

  • Ask that guy or gal out that you've been interested in.

Life will go on. Will you get left behind? Will you give up on your dreams, desires, aspirations?

Balancing out the highs and lows of this year 2020 has definitely been the life lesson for this season.

Are you finding your balance through this accelerated course of Life Balance 2020?


Are you struggling to gain your footing?

Where your attention goes, your energy flows and as each major event of 2020 happens how is your energy?

Feeling drained? Stressed? Anxious? Frustrated? Depress? Exhausted? Challenged? More uncertain than ever?


Are you finding yourself thriving? More focused? Determined? Actually making gains? Have more energy?

There's no doubt we've all experienced a plethora of emotions this year and it's super important to evaluate where you are in order to move forward into the upcoming holiday season and beyond.

So often we get caught in the moment-to-moment experiences that we fail to take time to evaluate where we've come from, where we've moved to, and if it's all in alignment with our plans.

Successful people measure their progress, and make adjustments along the way.

As you ponder where you are now, and where you want to go from here I leave you with this final thought.

The QUALITY of your EMOTIONS determine the INSTRUCTIONS that your HEART sends to your BRAIN. These emotions DECIDE your next move.

Until next time, I send you so much love. ~Dr. KellyRae

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