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Life After THE U.S. Presidential Election of 2020

What now? Where do we go from here, and how do we do it?

2020 has undoubtedly been one of the most unprecedented years of the 21st century. With Covid-19 rampantly spreading worldwide, economic shutdowns, Americans experiencing a shortage surplus for the first time since World War II, and a country so politically divided that it’s lead to horrific destruction of a great nation.

It can seem too surreal and even a little anticlimactic as we continue to roll through the highs and lows of this unprecedented year.

The experiences of this year have made all of us feel raw, vulnerable and out of our element, and as a result we are seeing and experiencing behaviors that are alarming and abhorring.

We are bearing unconscious witness to our own beliefs bumping up to others, and rather than going inward to evaluate them, greater division and attacks are being made on one another.

It can all feel overwhelming, stressful, and be far too time consuming.

“A man who suffers before it is necessary, suffers more than is necessary.” ~Seneca

As a result of the events of 2020, a great number of people are feeling paralyzed by the external outcome of the events, and this paralysis can lead to feeling stuck, depressed, anxious, hostile, angry and even hopeless.

Most interestingly we are the only beings on the planet who lead such rich internal lives that it’s not the events that matter most, but rather, it’s how we interpret them that determines how we feel about ourselves and our future.

When we concede our control over uncontrollable events in lieu of examining our internal feelings and thoughts, then our outer environment is allowed to control our thoughts, actions, and motives.

“The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you’re in control of your life. If you don’t, life controls you.” ~Anthony Robbins

Where your attention goes, your energy flows. It the mist of an unprecedented year, we are reminded of the “normalcy” of life.

∙ People are still having babies.

∙ People are still getting married.

∙ People are still starting their own businesses.

∙ People are still buying homes.

∙ People are still taking care of their health and fitness.

∙ People are still worshipping, praying, meditating, and creating stillness.

∙ People are still working on their personal growth.

∙ People are still getting promotions at work.

Moving forward, we will need to go inward in order to re-exam our own beliefs. Disconnecting from the media (news or social) is an incredible way to redirect your energy flow.

Being mindful of the conversations being had, inside your head and outwardly with others, is crucial for being aware of where your attention is being directed.

Course corrections for one who has gotten off track through the twists and turns of 2020 requires, pausing, evaluating your surroundings, making course adjustments that get you back on track towards living your vibrant, fruitful life.

So often we are not aware of how far off course we’ve gotten until we take the time to check in with our life.

“Get yourself grounded and you can navigate even the stormiest roads in peace.” ~Steve Goodier

Now is the time to heal. Heal as an individual. Heal as a collective body of people. Heal as a nation. And the way we do that is reclaiming our lives. Reclaiming our dreams, and taking action steps towards turning them into reality.

It may not be the way you originally planned it, but all successful people know you must do three things:

1) Decide what to focus on.

2) Decide what things mean to you.

3) Decide what to do to create the results you desire.

Understanding that in spite of times of uncertainty, your decision about what you choose to focus on, what things mean to you, and what you’re going to do about them will determine the desired outcome you are seeking.

“I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable

ability of man to elevate his life by a conscious endeavor.” ~Henry David Thoreau

Reclaim your life, and waste no more time waiting and hoping things will change or go back to “normal”, for time and tide waits for no man or woman.

There truly is a life worth living post 2020 Presidential election; it’s up to you to claim it and take action.

What is it you're are waiting for your life? More peace? More connectedness? More passion? More love?

You'll create your sense of "normalcy" through your emotions, and the actions you take based on what you want to feel.

Final thoughts: The quality of your life is where you live emotionally.

Until next time, so much love

~Dr. KellyRae


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