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Languages of Love

Understanding our various ways of giving and receiving love can make all the difference in the world to having and maintaining healthy relationships.

We each have a love language, and if you're able to express it in a healthy way to your partner, your children, or those you spend quality time with can be a step towards a long, healthy and loving relationship.

The same is true if you're able to understand your partner's, your children's and those closest to you.

Just because you're born and raised under the same roof does not mean you respond to the same love languages.

This week on my radio show program, "Getting Through the Week", we talked about LOOOOOOOOOVE, and understanding it's various languages. If you're interesting in learning more about these various love languages and how identify them, clink on the link for a replay of the show

At the end I give you information on how you can discover you're own LOVE language, and here's where you access that information


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