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Winner & Whiners

I'm a whiner..............

I mean, I use to be a whiner!

Shocking to some, and not to others who have known me in the past. 🤣

Winners aren’t always made up to be six-figure income earners or Lamborghini drivers or CEO's of Fortune 500 companies…….

… least not the winners I know.

No, the winners I know are

✅Dads who are actively present and participating in their children’s lives.

✅Moms who choose to make their children a priority, and still strive to feel like a beautiful woman.

✅Men and women who don’t abuse themselves or others.

✅People who are willing to work on their mindset and clear out their baggage from childhood.

✅People who aren’t afraid to seek help when struggling.

✅People who are willing to shift and change to improve the quality of their lives.

✅People who are willing to fail and not give up.

✅People who have fallen down and get back up again.

✅People who are willing to grow time and time again because they know life is about change

WHINERS on the other hand are those who are

Afraid to look stupid, so don’t speak up

Afraid to look weak, so don’t ask for help

Ones who have had a failed relationship or two or three or…….and believe there’s only jerks out there or crazy females available.

Ones who believe they deserve a raise because they work so hard, and yet can’t see their attitude blocks their success.

Ones who blame others for why they overact or why they get angry or why they can’t get ahead.

Ones who try to lose weight, get into shape, and claim nothing works but fails to accept their sabotaging efforts.

Ones who justify others’ bad behavior by only seeing their potential, but not acknowledging their actual behavior.

Winners and Whiners are ordinary people, and the distinction that separates them is, one is willing to do what it takes to have a better life for themselves, and the other is willing to settle because somewhere inside they believe that’s what they’re worth.

Yes, I’ve been a whiner, and life was HARD.

And because it was hard, I was SAD, DISAPPOINTED, and FRUSTRATED.

And because I felt sad, disappointed and frustrated, I felt ALONE, UPSET WITH MYSELF, and LIKE SOMEHOW I DESERVED THIS.

And because I felt alone, upset with myself, and like somehow I must have deserved what was happening in my life, I couldn’t SEE MY WORTH.

I don’t share this for “atta girls---glad you got through it”.

I don’t share this to gain sympathy. I don’t share this for you to feel sorry for me.


I share this……

because I want you to know I understand what it’s like to struggle.

because I understand what it’s like not to get out of your own way and have the life you truly want.

because I get what it’s like to be in jacked-up relationships that leave you feeling broken, unloved, and abused.

because I get what it’s like to want to feel beautiful, sexy/sensual in your skin, and all you can see is an unlovable fat girl/guy in the mirror.

because I know what it’s like to be flat broke, and not know how you’re going to take care of your family.

because I know what it’s like to fail at a business, more than once, and you want more than anything to make a difference, but are afraid to try again.

because I know what it’s like to be in pain and too afraid to ask for help, and know you want to be done with these feelings once and for all.

I share this because I can help you WIN.

Winners and Whiners are ordinary people, and the distinction that separates them is ONLY one decision.

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