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Fear & Courage Are Both Habits

Fear is a habit and so is courage, which are you focusing on?

Fear is spending money you don't have buying things and hoarding them.

Courage is taking steps towards being aware, and deciding how you can help not only yourself but others. Maybe this means when you go to the store to buy something you pick one up for your neighbor as well.

Fear is panicking and immediately letting your mind spiral down the dark hole of despair----that you're going to lose everything, that your world is going to fall apart, that you don't know how you're going to make it.

Courage is finding resourceful ways to remain calm in order to make plans for your kids school being closed. This is where you and your tribe need to proactively work together to come up with some viable solutions.

Fear is being inflexible. Courage is being flexible.

Fear is pointing the finger and blaming anyone and everyone for whatever is happening.

Courage is recognizing there's something going on, even if we don't know everything, and taking action towards fixing what you can fix.

Fear refuses to think there's any other solution than what you think is the solution.

Courage is willing to ask for help, ask for support, and is also willing to collaborate with others to work towards the betterment of the whole.

Courage is not the absence of fear, courage is the willingness to walk through it.

Courage doesn't know the outcome, and still strives towards success.

We are not in a race to see who can cross the fear-line first, at least we shouldn't be. We ALL deserve better than that, don't you agree?

Our mindset, and the things we mentally and emotionally focus on is a fine line between courage and fear, and each one of those avenues produce very different results.

Let's be a support of one another, as well as let's be willing to lean on one another when we need to refuel up our courage wells.

And as a friendly reminder stay hydrated, stay nourished with foods that support your body's health, get physical activity, rest, and keep a watchful eye on your thoughts and words. These may sound so basic, and yet the basics are the foundation for our optimal wellness.

Until next time, know I send you so much love ~Dr. KellyRae

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