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Blessed Soulstice

The Solstice can mean many things to many people.

For my dad this is his absolute favorite day of the year because for him after today being the shortest day of the year, we'll gain a minute more of light everyday from here on out. :-)

What if perhaps it was the 'Soul'stice? A time of completion and new beginnings towards Divine Harmony, Coherence and Oneness in our bodies and in the Divinity we all share.

The power we hold as an individual is incredible, and the power we hold as a collective Divinity is infinite.

How magical is that?

I know some may think the word magic is overused or even "evil", and I encourage you to ponder that for a bit.

When I watch a magician perform something, I find myself in awe and this transmits into a feeling. A feeling that resonates within my mind/body/soul.

Yes, there's no doubt some have either used this "magic" as a way to manipulate or deceive others for their own gain, and sometimes the harder part to acknowledge is where we've allowed ourselves to be deceived because of a longing for something.

An example of that would be, feeling alone due to not having a partner, and then meeting someone who engages in conversation, similar interests, and endearing conversations.

Depending on the degree of feeling alone or lonely we determine how involved we slip into this engagement with this new individual.

As we evolve from teenage/early 20's relationships, it's our duty to ourselves to evolve into maturing relationships.

It's so easy to point the finger at the magician for tricking us without taking responsibility for our desire to have something so much more.

As we complete this cycle.........come to a closing of another year...........another decade..........take the time to PAUSE and feel your feelings.

2020 is sure to be a year full of unexpected adventures or disasters depending on how you FEEL.

Take the time to enjoy this day, this moment, the precious connection you have with yourself, the Divine, and those with whom you connect with.

Until next time, so much love

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