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What's Your Superpower?

I believe we all have a superpower. One that if tapped into and cultivated can positively impact the world beyond our wildest imaginations.

However, our fears, doubts in ourselves, often keep us from even acknowledging our superpower.

Or maybe we once talked about or shared our superpower with others, and because of their own fears, made us feel silly, stupid or even crazy for saying we even had a superpower.

I know I have. I've had LOTS of doubt about my superpower. I have had LOTS of insecurity about sharing it because of how I've felt about myself.

You see any outside resistance, noise, or "criticism" I've heard from others has been a direct reflection of how I felt about myself deep down inside.

This outside noise or criticism wasn't telling me anything new about myself that I didn't already harbor deeply within myself.

In fact, all it did was affirm to my inner critic why I should just keep my mouth shut, my head down, and keep it to myself.

What a ridiculous disservice I was doing.

To have such an incredible gift, talent, superpower, and to spent so much time and effort cultivating it over years, understanding how it could massively impact the lives of others who could benefit from this gift, and do nothing with it was so selfish.

Who likes selfish people? Especially when someone discovers you have a superpower that can positively impact the lives of others, and yet you refuse to use it.

I encourage you to go within yourself, if you've never done this before or if it's been awhile since you have, and ask yourself, "what is my superpower, and how can it positively impact others?"

I no longer hold shame, guilt, fear or doubt around my superpower of helping people turn their pain into power.

Here's what else I know. There's some of you reading this right now, who know you have a superpower, and know you could positively impact others with it but you are too afraid. I'm going to ask you to get in contact with me, so we can schedule some time to talk about this.

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