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Emotions = Energy In Motions

🤔What are emotions?🤔

Let’s start by exploring a basic understanding of emotions.

🔹Emotions are the experience of energy moving through the body. This is generally felt as sensations of contraction such as tension or expansion such as calm. The Latin derivative for the word emotion, ‘emotere’, literally means energy in motion.

🔸Feelings are what you label as anger, sadness, joy or fear. Our interpretations or thoughts give emotional energy meaning.

🔹Emotions serve as the carrier waves for the entire spectrum of feelings. Understanding that emotions are energy implies that they are fluid, moving resources meant to be felt and released vs. suppressed and ignored. The latter is the true culprit of low emotional intelligence and stress burnout.

🔥Unexpressed or ignored emotions will cause blockages in the body which range from feeling tired, fatigued, stressed onto physical soreness, stiffness, pain, and can ultimately lead to dis-ease within the physical body.🔥

In our society we are encouraged to solve problems with our minds… yet our minds can only give us the solutions we already know😕… We have a MUCH more powerful tool for creating the life we want, OUR EMOTIONS.

Our bodies serve as a fantastic road map for revealing our unexpressed, unprocessed emotions.

One of the ways I use the MER® technique with my clients is actually having them connect to that physical part of their body where they've identified the emotional disturbance causing them challenges (i.e., anger, sadness, guilt, shame, unworthy, not good enough, etc.).

Note: the technique itself is identifying the root cause (limiting beliefs----stuck/suppressed emotion) and releasing it.

The physical pain varies in each client, but a lot of the symptoms are similar: ✔️ tightness in and around an area (ex: chest, stomach, head) ✔️ contraction in an area ✔️ heaviness ✔️ breathing (feeling like they can't get a full breath) ✔️ smallness

Some may wonder why we tap into the physical symptoms, and we do this for two reasons: 1. In order to acknowledge the emotions, and 2. A place of reference to go to after we've released the emotional charge to validate whether it's still there or not.

Our unconscious mind aka subconscious mind along with our physical body truly want to help us along our journey to clear away those over-charged emotions that no longer serve us in a healthy manner, and it's up to us to listen and follow through.

I've honestly had people say things like: ✔️that just seems like a lot of work ✔️I've already tried everything else ✔️I don't have the time ✔️I'm not smart enough

My all time favorite: ✔️I don't want to feel anymore Aren't you already feeling too much??????

This is what I know-----I could come up with a counter response for each reason you choose not to release your baggage, and the bottom line is, it wouldn't matter how many counter---evidence based--responses I shared, unless or until you are ready to release the baggage (stored, stuck emotions) your life will remain unchanged.

“What you think (and how you feel because of your thoughts) and what manifests in your experience always match. You get what you think about, whether it is something wanted or unwanted.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

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