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Change: Exhilarating & Terrifying

Going through ANY transition or change in your life can be exhilarating and terrifying at the same time.

Breaking through the chrysalis of your previous existence into a new way of living can be beautifully messy and painful. Your first reaction is to retreat back to what is familiar, not necessarily comfortable.

Retreating back to what is familiar can cause you to feel like you are failing or not strong enough to make the necessary changes for the betterment of your life. This is not true. it only becomes true when you remain unchanged.

Please know I can relate to this very well as I've done this very thing within my own transformational change at certain stages of my life.

One of the greatest lessons I learned from countless failed attempts to change was allowing my Inner Critic to convince me I didn't need help outside of myself.

I had allowed my Inner Critic to convince me that reaching outside of myself meant I was weak; I would be shamed for revealing my 'weaknesses'; I would be ignored in the process as no one really cared; and I would be exposed as a fraud because after all I was suppose to be the 'strong one'.

May I just interject here, these were all bullshit stories I allowed myself to believe. Don't get me wrong, I believed these bullshit stories while I was transforming, and once I finally made the conscious choice to go against the grain (the bullshit stories), the transforming process changed to a more productive, empowering way.

Taking control of your own life, your own limiting beliefs and taming your Inner Critic is the best gift you can give yourself and the world around you.

It's scary, yes. It's uncomfortable, yes. It can feel daunting, yes. It can cause you to feel powerless, yes. It can cause you to question EVERYTHING, yes. And yet through it all YOU RECLAIM YOUR OWN POWER!

In order to claim your own true power, you must go through the entire process, and not necessarily alone.

From my own personal experience that was the most challenging process of reclaiming my own power....asking for help. Trusting there were others out there that could truly help me through the process. My Inner Critic was so fucking prideful, and as a result it nearly destroyed me. I know that sounds dramatic, and truth be told it felt extremely dramatic when I was faced with this prideful side of myself in the middle of a County office filled with countless individuals and my then 9 year old daughter. I literally at that moment prayed I'd die because facing this prideful side of myself, and realizing it was what was holding me back from my own power, rather than the opposite, seemed more than I could bear.

I truly did not believe I would recover from that moment in my life, and yet it strengthened me beyond measure and catapulted me to even a more expanded version of myself.

My prideful self that my Inner Critic and I used as my strength for so long was what I thought was my way of protecting myself based on past experiences, which was no longer valuable to me. However, in the process of this very public and real moment I mentioned, it was not clear to me that this prideful self was actually hindering me and holding me back as it had served me well, at least that's what I had believed. I suppose in some ways early on it did when recovering from such difficult hardships in my life, and because I had not realized my own inner strength was bigger than my prideful self I continued to operate from that place.

Your situation may not be one of pridefulness, and yet if you still find yourself struggling with your Inner Critic's voice, NOW may be the right time to do something different to tame it.

What are you willing to do to tame your Inner Critic, and Reclaim Your own Power?

I can help and if you're ready to tame that rascal, get in contact with me.

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