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Failure and Money

Failure----this word, Failure, is like the word Money, and can definitely affect people similarly.

To be clear neither Failure nor Money have the ability to affect anyone. However, we as humans allow Failure and Money to hold BIG POSITIONS in our lives, which results in an outward reflection.

Think about it for a second.....Money, a relatively small piece of paper, having so much Godzilla (a fictional giant monster) for instance. Picture Money as Godzilla, and what's the first thing you think?

Think of how powerful Failure is; it's not even tangible, and yet it is even more powerful than Money.

What if both Failure and Money were Giant, Fluffy Friendly Unicorns? How would you think, feel, and function around a Giant, Fluffy, Friendly Unicorn?

Are you going to let the Godzilla money & failure Monster continue stop you? Or are you going to reach for the Giant, Fluffy, Friendly Unicorn?

You are ready to move beyond beyond these two words, aren't you?

I can help---it takes you making the first move.

I can help---it takes you making the first move.

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