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Where Are You Paddling?

We do what we do based on our WHY.

Seems simple enough, right?

Here are some examples of WHYs:

I want to lose weight because it's good for my physical health, mental clarity, and emotional well-being.

I want to be in a healthy relationship because having a supportive, loving, caring, trustworthy partner is important to my physical health as well as my mental and emotional wellness.

I want a career that fulfills my life propose, financially supports my lifestyle, and allows me the freedom to enrich my personal growth and spiritual development.

Seems pretty detailed with the WHY, right?

So WHY is it so many aren't reaching it?

Because they are too busy striving for other whys.

Here are some examples of other WHYs:

I want to lose weight because I'm unhealthy at the moment...experiencing health related issues because of it, but I can't afford a gym membership. I can't afford to eat healthy. My life is too stressful to plan meals. I've tried before and it didn't work.

I want a supportive, loving, caring, trustworthy partner, but I can't find one. They are either married or gay. The only ones that pay attention to me are married, cheaters, abusers, addicts, narcissist, mamma boys, etc.

I want a career that I feel supports my life purpose, but I don't have enough education. There's no work for what I want to do. Nobody will hire me because of my age, my weight, my gender, my religious beliefs, my skin color, my sexual orientation, etc.

I want to wake up feeling like my life has meaning, feels stress free, no longer feels depressing, feels purposeful, feels loved and supported, but I don't think it's meant for me as most of my life has been this way.

Again, strong WHYs, right?

The WHYS matter!

They are the current for which you paddle your life boat down.

There's definitely an energetic charge you get from paddling your boat down this current.

Every time you achieve a mile marker, so to speak, on this WHY current you feel as if staying the course matters because after all the energetic currency is so strong.

Why don't you get out of the unhealthy WHY currency?

Because: 1. It requires getting off course. 2. The familiar emotional currency won't be the same. 3. Being a beginner at something new is challenging. 4. I actually have a lot of control over others through my self-sabotaging ways of being. 5. Being a victim most all of my life is all I know.

These "becauses" along with so many others are WHY people remain unchanged, unhealthy, and emotionally unwell.

This is why we have an opioid epidemic.

This why we have so much depression.

This is why PTSD is increasing daily.

Getting out of this energetic current IS POSSIBLE, and it requires YOU.

Your willingness to ask for help Your commitment to your new WHY for as long as it takes Your tenacity to see the process all the way through....not to just where it feels good.

Failing to do all 3 above, keeps you trapped on your unhealthy current.

Ready to change course? Lets talk.

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