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Who's in Charge of You?

Taming our Inner Critic is the key to creating an extraordinary life of Infinite Abundance, Love and Joy to be shared.

Taming this rascal can prove to be challenging and elusive because it's a masterful trickster you've developed over the years.

Yes, you read that correctly - you've developed this Inner Critic. We all have one. Some refer to it as an ego. Some refer to it as the inner nay-saying voice. Others may refer to it as Debbie-Downer, worrywart or Shadow. I refer to mine as Trudy.

This Inner Critic of ours can be so cleverly elusive in its antics as well as ridiculously convincing in the process. It likes to magnify our thoughts, fears, and doubts to an outlandish size, and convince us they are uncontrollably real.

This Inner Critic of ours seems to revel in dredging up anything we've done in the past and rubbing shame-filled pie on our face.

This same Inner Critic fears change, shifts, and transformations, and will do anything and everything within it's egotistical power to halt that from happening. For example, have you ever reached a point in your life when you felt you were ready to make a change, and you knew you'd need assistance with that process?

You begin researching.

You be begin reading.

You even begin mentioning it to friends.

At this point your Inner Critic is still 'cool' with your muddling along in this quest because there's not been too much exertion to cause alarm. Meaning, nothing is changing the Inner Critic's model of the world.

You decide to take action steps towards whatever change you're wanting to make in your life by actually scheduling time to talk with someone who could assist with this process, and your Inner Critic throws a proverbial temper tantrum.

Next thing you know, you life seems to spin out of control.

In fact the closer it gets to your scheduled appointment, your Inner Critic is throwing everything emotionally challenging your way. Screaming at you to NOT FOLLOW THROUGH, and what ends up happening is you don't follow through or you decide you need to reschedule but you never do. Momentary victory for your Inner Critic!

Your Inner Critic will cause you to feel either shameful or guilty for not following through or not rescheduling, which is FANTASTICALLY FINE with them. Why? Your Inner Critic wants things to remain STATUS QUO, PERIOD!

Grammy award for Inner Critic's performance, for they have you convinced they know what's best for you.....not you.

A few other ways your Inner Critic is great at halting your progress is:

1. Convincing you that you are not worthy of investing in your transformation.

2. Convincing you that you have neither time nor money for said transformation, while you spend time retail shopping, drinking or eating in excess, numbing with pills, Netflix binging, Twittering, Instagraming, Facebooking, etc.

3. Convincing you it's too hard to get the results you want...impossible actually, so you give up. Note: Your Inner Critic loves the word 'impossible'.

Have you reached your wits end with your Inner Critic? Have you reached the "I'm done with this shit" phase of your life? Do you believe there's more to life than what you are currently experiencing and you want to do something about it?

If you've answered "yes" to any of the questions in the previous paragraph, we need to talk. get in contact with me or schedule time with me.

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