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Suffer from Perfectionsim?

How many struggle with PERFECTIONSIM? In some ways I consider myself a recovering perfectionist.

Yesterday I posted a quiz I created on a new platform I had never used before on one of my social media websites and asked for insight aka help. In the past I would have NEVER shared this quiz without knowing unequivocally it was FLAWLESS. And when I say flawless that often equated to never completing it at all.


Because I also SUFFERED from 'asking for help'. To utter the words, “Can I ask you for help?” were not words in my repertoire. There was so much shame, guilt, and feelings of not being good enough that somehow “asking” out loud made all those feelings REAL.

The stress, both physical and emotional, placed on one’s self to be “perfect” and not seem “helpless” were such an awful burden to bare, and if truth be told I WAS THE ONE CAUSING THE BURDEN.

I placed these ridiculous expectations on myself to be “good”, to be the one who was “OK”, to be the one who was “not weak”, to be the one who was “fine”, to be the one who could “help” and be of “support” to EVERYHONE else but myself.

It’s funny really, but not, how much NEEDLESS pressure we put on ourselves to be a certain way…….to be ‘accepted’, to feel ‘successful’, to feel ‘whole’ when all the while we aren’t FEELING any of those things because of all the FREAKIN’ pressure we put on ourselves.

Learning to let go of that pressure, those unrealistic expectations, and those non viable beliefs is key to TRUE acceptance of one’s self, and AUTHENTIC living.

It’s definitely a process, and one I’d recommend not doing entirely alone. I can share going through my own recovering process with someone really taught me how to tame my own Inner Critic Trudy who, by the way, was so quick to remind me of ALL the shortcomings and failings I had in my life.

Moreover, going through this process and seeing my own results was much more fun to celebrate those achievements with someone than just myself. This is what a coach or mentor is for----to assist you through the process, provide tools, techniques, and insights that allow YOU to tame your own Inner Critic, and someone to celebrate your achievements.

If you are ready to lay down the cloak of perfectionism, and willing to try something new, I'm ready to assist you. I encourage you to check out my website to learn more about me and what I do to assist my clients, then contact with me for a free beak-through session.

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