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How Well DoYou Play with Your Inner Critic

How many play well long-term with their Inner-Critic (That internal naysaying, fear-monger voice)? I'm not talking about getting in a fuss, getting over it, and then going on about your day until it happens again.

I'm mean playing well full-time with your Inner-Critic even when it might be a challenge?

I can tell you there is a SUCCESS FORMULA for it, and it's called the Three Ts. What are the Three Ts you ask?


1. You MUST TACKLE that rascal, and that's not always a pleasant task.

2. You must TAME that rascal, which requires discipline, persistence and a lot of loving patience.

3. You must establish TRUST with your Inner-Critic if you are going to have a sustainably healthy relationship with one another.

Most people want to go immediately to step 3, by either shortcuting or bypassing the other two. Why? Quite honestly, becacuse they aren't really sure where to start. Moreover, they've grappled with it for so long it's hard to differeniate between the two parties, even though they are housed in the same unit.

Where do I see people fail in this?

In a couple of areas: 1. Trying to do it on their own with no tools or support. 2. Trying to manage on their own doing the same things over and over again expecting a different result. This results in feeling like either a victim of circumstances or worse like somehow they are a failure (all lies by the way). 3. Reaching out to family or friends for support, which they are generally always willing to give. HOWEVER, more often than not, their support shows up as a 'partner in crime' mentality or geniune love and support, but just don't know exactly what to do or say to effectively support you through this transition.

Moreover, family and friends will listen to the same stories, tales, and concerns and not really offer their honest opinion because they don't want to risk losing a friendship over it.

How many of you are done, COMEPLETELY DONE with grappling with your Inner-Critic?

How many of you are DONE playing the teeter totter game of feeling up and down and never completely balanced?

How many feel they've exhausted ALL avenues, and are willing to try one more time?

If you've answered "YES" to any of these questions, contact me for a FREE session. The ONLY thing that stands between you and your Inner-Critic playing well together is YOU.

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