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Fear & The Sensitive Soul

How committed are you to your FEARS? I know several will respond you are not. However, unless or until you really look at all the reasons why you are not where you want to be on your journey’s path, you’ll be fooling yourself into believing you are not committed to your fears. Crazy, right?

Even as Spiritually Sensitive Souls you have fears....... deep seated, years in the making FEARS that keep you STAGNANT, STUCK, and even DEPRESSED.

So often, as Spiritually Sensitive Souls going through 'awakening', they shed past pains, regrets, failings, and shortcomings in order to FEEL whole and complete.

This shedding process is so LIBERATING and FREEING. It’s likened to a bird in flight…..soaring above it all and seeing life in a whole new perspective. It’s exhilarating!

For a newly awakened Spiritually Sensitive Soul this can, at times, FEEL too good to be true. Let’s be honest, it FEELS really good to feel FREE, WHOLE, and so CENTERED that you never want it to end.

When this FEELING of freedom waivers or the ‘high’ starts to dull, we tend to regress back to our ‘old’ ways of thinking – FEAR – and, if not mindful, can FEEL like all this newly awakened way of being is a fraud.

In fact, without being mindful of your thoughts, you can, with the help of your inner critic, tell yourself things like, “nothing last forever” or “I knew it was too good to be true” or “I guess I wasn’t good enough”. Why? Because your inner critic has been successfully doing their job longer than you’ve been doing your newly awakened position.

This, however, is NOT A FAILING. This is not about you not being good enough. This is not about you being smart enough. This is not about you being uncommitted to the process. This is not about you being unworthy of long-term freedom. NO, it’s none of that…’s part of the process.

FEAR is like a light switch. It’s function is ON and OFF. There is NO dimmer switch on FEAR. Fear is purely turned ON or OFF through a variety of ways. What do I mean?

Fear magnifies a situation or thought larger than life…..all consuming in nature. This would be the ON function of fear. Fear magnifies lack, insecurity, hopelessness, sadness and depression. This would be the OFF function of fear.

In order for awakening Spiritually Sensitive Souls to navigate through such waters, you MUST be willing to acknowledge, embrace, and effectively partner with FEAR. I know that sounds ridiculously insane, right?

You’ve probably heard the expression, “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”. Fear is the enemy. It may sound dramatically over-emphasized, yet so many feel like they are FAILING as awakened Spiritually Sensitive Souls because they feel now that they are awakened, they should know better, and should be able to handle things differently than before.

Moreover, these same awakened Spiritually Sensitive Souls will PUSH fear away, or at best pretend it doesn’t exist because after all they are now awakened Spiritually Sensitive Souls. In all honesty, they are diluting themselves.

Fear doesn’t go away so easily. Remember, FEAR is your INNER CRITIC, and that inner critic is DEFINITELY closer to you than anyone else on the planet.

Having fear as an ‘enemy’ isn’t such a bad thing. Ignoring fear, refusing to understand fear, and caving into fear is the REAL problem.

Learning to navigate, understand the functions and motives of fear serves you WISELY and leads you to VICTORY. How do you do that? Taming that INNER CRITIC!!!!

If you are grappling with your inner critic, if you are struggling with FEAR, if you are wrangling with identifying the antics and underlying, hidden tones of FEAR, then let me help you get CLEAR and EMPOWERED. Gaining clarity and FEELING empowered will serve you extremely well along your journey.

All it takes is for you to reach out and get in contact with me.

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