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Keeping motivated when the newness feels uncertain.

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint at heart. There’s a lot of blood, sweat, and tears put into starting your own business. It would be fabulous to think all you needed to succeed was a dream, but the reality, like any dream we have when sleeping, is not always guaranteed to be unicorns and rainbows.

There are moments during the process of launching your dream when you begin to question whether or not you’ve made the right decision for yourself and your family. Moments when you’ve done all you could and now you must wait. Not waiting as in sitting on your laurels and looking for the royalties to kick in, but rather the in between clients or events stage. You’re not quite at the point where the clients are stacking up, or your waiting list is filling up, or your availability is a year out for scheduling events. I mean days or weeks in between these staggering stages.

If you are the kind of person who must constantly be moving and doing something this can be a torturous process because there isn’t always movement. Yes, there’s busy work you can do, but sometimes you even run out of busy work. Hard to imagine, right? It’s these junctures I’m referencing. These brief stretches can feel like FOREVER before anything happens. It is during these pauses when fear starts to seep in and your inner critic becomes restless. The last thing you need during these moments is your inner critic becoming restless. It’s like waking a sleeping dragon. Your inner critic, the nagging naysayer, eagerly waits to pounce on your ideas, your dreams, your desires, which is why you must be real steadfast in your pursuit for happiness.

Even an online business can have its moments of emptiness. In truth, how many webinars can you do in one day? How many pics, memes, quotes, and topics can you post in your group(s) without creating an overload for your members? For after all before you know it this moment of stillness or inactivity will seize to exist and you’ll be so busy your group members will then feel neglected because you are too busy to post like you were. Creating balance is a delicate strategy until you’re in a position to hire someone or some program to automate all the aforementioned for you. It’s definitely an intricate dance entrepreneurs do on a regular basis.

What if you are someone who is launching your own business with no form of support? How do you envision sustaining yourself during these transitional changes of your new business? A great number of entrepreneurs are out of business before they’ve given it the ol’ college try due to not having a phenomenal support system behind them. Moral support, emotional support, financial support, mental support, and spiritual support definitely factor in when creating sustainability through the beginning phases of any new operation. The levels of support may change as the business evolves and grows, but nonetheless having a support system in place is imperative to mentally staying sound and keeping the inner critic at bay as long as possible. Remember – your inner critic awakens when you’re feeling afraid, nervous, uncertain, doubting yourself, doubting your ability, etc. know the best offense is a good defense as they say in sports.

Hiring a coach or a mentor is like hiring a loss prevention specialist or security guard. Their job is to keep a watchful eye out for when you become unfocused, un-grounded, and will provide you with valuable tools and resources to keep you from losing your cool and your dream. It’s your job to hire the right coach or mentor, so make sure you do your research beforehand.

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Until next time, Dr. KellyRae Brown Masterful Mindset Coach, Speaker, Author and most notably known as the Inner-Critic Tamer

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