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7 Actions of Abundant Leaders

"Most people are deeply scripted in what I call the Scarcity Mentality. They see life as having only so

much, as though there were only one pie out there.

And if someone were to get a big piece of the pie,

it would mean less for everybody else."

- The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

I've spent a considerable amount of time pondering and studying the concepts of scarcity and abundance, and how our mindset reacts to both. With human behavior being so magnificently fascinating to me, and certainly plentiful in nature, I desired to know how abundant leaders think, and how they behave. While admiring their unique talents and gifts, what I found interesting was the 7 common traits they shared. These traits are not merely those of abundant leaders, they are also traits shared among individuals who are continually evolving. However, for the sake of this article, I will be sharing the 7 Actions of Abundant Leaders.

I share these attributes as a means of considering not only your own mindset, but your actions as well.

1. Give others credit

Abundant leaders care little about who gets credit. Since they believe that great ideas can come from any source, and that there is no limit on sources or ideas, they aren't compelled to steal someone else's limelight. In fact, they believe that shining the light on those who contribute makes everyone a bit brighter. Abundant leaders never seem to come from a place of being the only ones who have the greatest idea, the greatest tool, or the greatest program, but rather pay homage to both their sources and themselves for being able to help others. They recognize we all start from somewhere and learned from someone to get where we are today. Moreover, these leaders give credit whether their learning experiences were perceived as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ because they believe regardless experience is knowledge and something is always able to be gained from it.

2. Ask for input

Not seeing themselves as the only source of good ideas or fearing the scrutiny that might come from asking others for help and support, abundant leaders willingly and actively solicit the input of others. They also believe there’s just as much to learn on their own as there is from others. This does not mean they are not wise when asking for input, but rather they seek out others who have already successfully navigated through situations, challenges, or trials successfully. Abundant leaders recognize the value that comes through asking others. They realize this is part of the creative expansion process. Recognizing when one gets too close to a situation the answers are generally found in a broader expansion due to the overall situation becoming clearer.

3. Extend trust

Abundant leaders pour out trust upon others. This doesn't mean they are gullible or refuse to recognize the risks of failure, it simply means they know to achieve the best results today and tomorrow, they must trust others and create a trusting culture. They also know that a culture of trust starts with them. Abundant leaders are willing to risk extending trust because their motivation to succeed out ways the risks. They’ve accepted life as a continual flow rather than a onetime stop. It’s not an all or nothing mentality.

4. Coach others

Scarce leaders, these would be the ones who are not secure in themselves nor their business, don't take the time to help others. They are the ones that feel they are the only ones that have the end-all-to-be-all product or program. These are the leaders who are constantly comparing their success to others, and they are also the leaders who refuse to coach others in their own line of work. They are so focused on their own career path they never look up to see what’s happening around them. Abundant leaders not only take the time, but they consider coaching both a duty and a privilege. They are the ones who generously deliver tips, tools, and techniques for free as a way of giving back. Helping others become the master of their own mindset, path and/or career is the ultimate reward for an abundant leader.

5. Connect people

When someone is seeking a door to be opened or a problem to be solved, abundant leaders are willing to make connections among members of their network. Abundant leaders realize it’s not a one-size fits all world, and often refer potential business in a better suited direction for the benefit of the client. These same leaders establish a connection with other like minded leaders in their industry for this very purpose. Those who come from a scarcity mindset will either take on a client or project they are not suited for hoping to fake it until they make it or turn business away rather than referring out because of fear. Again, abundant leaders realize there are plenty of opportunities on the planet. As of the writing of this article there are currently over 7.5 BILLION people on the planet, and to assume we are the end all to be all for everyone is utter foolishness.

6. Willingness to grow

Abundant leaders recognize the need to continually evolve and grow. Moreover, abundant leaders understand the value of continuing education, which is derived in various fashions not just formal education. They understand the need to remain fresh, motivated, and inspired to do the amazing work they do, and one of the ways to do that is through conferences, classes, trainings, courses, etc. These leaders are the ones who don’t let grass grow under their feet and remain on the same patch of lawn forever. They realize through these continuing educational avenues they’ll be reminded of their own strengths and tools they may not have used in awhile and once again implement them in their practice.

7. Listen more

These leaders practice effective listening. They don't listen to respond; they listen to understand. They ask clarifying questions. They know there is no question too foolish to ask, accept the one that is never asked.

Pondering thoughts:

  • Would people call you scarce, abundant, or somewhere in between?

  • What could you do today to be more abundant?

  • How would your mindset need to change to make you more abundant?

If this article has proven to be of a benefit to you, please consider sharing it. If after reading this article there’s something I could do to help you, please reach out to me, and let’s schedule a time to talk.

Until next time, so much love.

Dr. KellyRae Brown Masterful Mindset Coach, Speaker, Author and most notably known as the Inner Critic Tamer

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