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Tips for Successful Spiritually Based Businesses

There are so many talented individuals on this planet who are spiritually minded and are uncertain how to bring their talents and spiritual mindset into the business world. They have imagined, created vision boards, meditated, wrote out “I AM” affirmations, and still can't seem to start their business.

Is there a “right” time? No! You can have all your ducks in a row, your well thought out plans, ideas, and strategies, and still be too afraid to start. What are you waiting for?

I’ve seen countless entrepreneurs who from an outsiders view seem so disorganized, flying by the seat of the pants, and yet still baffle everyone by succeeding. Why? Because they made the leap and invested in themselves to make it happen.

What are 5 things wantapreneurs (those who want to take the leap and yet are still on the fence) need to know to build a lasting business?

1. Focus on Transformation – Successful spiritually based businesses meet the needs of their clients in a unique way. In order to be sustainable, you must continually change and evolve. There are a multitude of businesses that fall under this category, and the ones that continue to succeed are the ones who are constantly willing to evolve. Nothing kills a business or a relationship faster than the expression, "well, that's the way it's always been". That's just a lazy way of saying, "I don't want to grow anymore".

2. Focus on Marketing – Being clear on your marketing niche. Biggest struggle spiritually based businesses have are people not knowing exactly what the business is you are offering. What are the true benefits you want to bring to your clients, and how will they benefit from what you have to offer. You may very well have the best green drink smoothie to ever hit the face of the planet, but if you’re unable to sell the clients on the benefits of your drink, your business will fail. It’s not enough that you believe in your green drink smoothie ---- please read that again ----- it’s not enough that you believe in your green drink smoothie.

3. Broaden your Horizons – Once you are clear on your business and what you have to offer, be willing to broaden your horizons for attracting clients. The more we hold a belief we will only attract a certain type of clientele with our spiritually based business, then we limit our business’s ability to sustain itself for the long term. I’ve seen a number of businesses fail because the owner believed they’d only attract a certain market area, meaning their belief was their product was only for those of a spiritual sense aka ‘woo woo’ or ‘earthy’ type, and because of this scarcity mindset their business ultimately failed. As a successful business person it’s not our place to decide whose ‘woo woo’ or ‘earthy’ enough to buy our products or services. Some of the most ‘woo woo’ people I’ve known have been high ranking officials in the corporate world. By day they worked their corporate careers and after hours and weekends they spend their time in the ‘woo woo’ realm. This doesn’t necessarily mean they ‘dressed’ the part of 'woo woo', but nonetheless they would be considered pretty far out there in the corporate world. Again, as the old saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover” because this would be a sure fire way to limit the success of your business.

4. Maintain your Drive – You must remain motivated in order to continually evolve with your business. Being flexibly balanced is essential to maintaining a business in an ever changing environment. Moreover, being balanced in all areas of our lives i.e., career, relationships, family, self development & growth, health & fitness, and spirituality will help to maintain said motivation.

5. Radical Mindset – This is the one area above all else that either makes or breaks a business. When I think of the African proverb, “it takes a village to raise a child” it feels applicable with regards to dealing with our mindset and beliefs. Successful business owners in the spiritual or healing field know the need to seek assistance, know the importance of continuing education, and know the importance of hiring the right coach or mentor to aid them in successfully evolving and succeeding in business. They are the ones who are regularly challenging their mindset and beliefs to ensure they remain in a succcessful state.

For those of you who are considering starting your own spiritually based business or for those who already have a spiritually based business and are feeling stuck or wanting to expand, I can be of assistance. Please reach out and get in contact with me. You are welcome to learn more about me on my website. Please review my coaching program as well as the testimonies from clients I’ve worked with over the years.

Until next time, so much love.

Dr. KellyRae Brown Masterful Mindset Coach, Speaker, Author and most notably known as the Inner Critic Tamer

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