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Tired of the same ol' story?

The day we finally become so tired, fed-up, and ultimately bored with our old story. You know the story of all the wrongs that have happened to us, all the things that have happened to us, all the things we feel mad about, sad about, hurt about. All the things we feel guilty over, feel shameful for, feel worthless over, feel unloved, and under appreciated. Those stories!

The day we decided to lay those down, take them off loop mode, turn the volume and intensity down is the day you'll catch a glimpse of the truly magnificient individual you are. I encourage you to hold that glimpse as long as you can before diverting your eyes because THAT person has been wanting your love, affection and attention for quite some time. You may not know how to let all of that go. You may not do it perfectly. You may have setbacks.

However, if you allow yourself permission to invest in YOU, and the clearing away of the old, outdated story you've placed on repeat mode....allow yourself to create a new story with the one you caught a glimpse reflection of, you'll be amazed at the way your life transforms. You feel more radiant, and you are. You feel loved, and you are. You feel more alive, and you are. You become more prosperous, and you are. This is not filling your head with 'feel good' sentiments, it's actual fact. Are you ready for it?

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