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Healers & Money

I've recently released a second book and this one is entitled Healers & Money. It's a workbook for understanding your relationship with money, specifically associated with mindset beliefs.

For those in the 'healing' industry, money can be a two-edge sword. On one hand it serves an essential purpose to allow you to do what you do for the benefits of others. On the other hand, for many, it can trigger emotional unrest due to what you've been taught to believe or feel about money.

Ask yourself the following questions and see what comes up for you?

1. When it comes to charging clients for your services do you feel guilt or shame? 2. Do you LOVE what you do, but feel you can never get financially ahead? 3. Do you continue to undercharge for your services, and have to deal with pain-in-the-neck clients? Or better yet, do you put up with pain-in-the-neck clients because you need the money?

If you have answered yes to any/or all the above questions, I encourage you to reach out and get in touch with me as I can help you navigate through changing your thoughts and/or feelings around money that would allow you to financially prosper as well as help even MORE people. How wonderfully amazing would that be?

Until next time, so much love.

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