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What is Highly Sensitive Coaching?

I offer Life Coach for the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), as defined in Elaine Aron's famous book, 'The Highly Sensitive Person'. More info about this trait can be found on her website:

​The National Centre for High Sensitivity also has some great resources:

HSPs make up about 20% of the population (1 in 5 people), and tend to experience things more intensely and deeply than non-HSPs. This can cause life to be more stressful for HSPs, and HSP Life Coaching can help.

Life Coaching is basically about helping a person work out what steps they need to take in order to achieve a goal, and providing objective mentoring on the way. HSPs have the same goals as anyone else, but may need to take a more individualised route in order to achieve them.

Issues which an HSP may wish to address through HSP Coaching include:

  • Recognizing and managing feelings of overwhelm and over-stimulation

  • Finding the right work - which may involve self-employment or having more than one income stream - but will certainly need to be something that you feel passionate about. HSPs, especially, need to do work that has meaning

  • Channeling your energy into the things you want to use it on, rather than having it sapped away by things you don't

  • Being strong as well as sensitive

  • A greater understanding of how being an HSP affects you personally - it's an individual thing

  • Setting clear boundaries in your life to ensure you have enough 'time out' to recharge

  • Managing and reducing stress

  • Work-life balance

  • Making changes to an overstimulating environment or adopting strategies to reduce its impact on you

  • Dealing effectively with emotional upsets in daily life

  • Improving confidence and self-esteem


We all need others to support us during our lives, especially when we are trying to make important changes, and Highly Sensitive People are no different. Although Highly Sensitive People may prefer one-on-one sessions over groups and need someone who honors their sensitive nature. As you HSP Life Coach I will not tell you what to do, but will listen, offer an objective view, and act as a Mentor in supporting you achieve your desired goal(s). Sessions are tailor-made to fit you and your needs.

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